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Bill Manhire was born in Invercargill in 1946 and educated at the Universities of Otago and London. He now heads the International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University of Wellington and directs their prestigious creative writing programme. Graduates of the course include many of New Zealandís most accomplished contemporary writers (among them Barbara Anderson, James Brown, Kate Camp, Catherine Chidgey, Barbara Else, Kapka Kassabova, Elizabeth Knox, Emily Perkins and Sarah Quigley).

In 1997 he was made New Zealandís inaugural Poet Laureate, in a scheme sponsored by Te Mata Estate, and the collection of poetry What To Call Your Child was published to celebrate his term as Poet Laureate. At the heart of the book is a sequence of poems which arose from Manhireís visit to Antarctica in 1998. He spent two weeks on the ice, and 45 semi-heroic minutes at the South Pole. 

He has published many books of poetry (four times winning the New Zealand Book Award) and also a number of volumes of fiction. He has edited a number of best-selling anthologies of New Zealand poetry and short stories and a collection of his essays and interviews called Doubtful Sounds was published by VUP in 2000. His regular conversations with Kim Hill on National Radio have a wide following and have done much to raise interest in poetry throughout the country.

His Collected Poems 1967-1999 was published by Victoria University Press in New Zealand in July 2001 and by Carcanet in the UK.

After the Movie

A cry comes again from the pavilion.
I was that nurse and that civilian,
I was the song in the carillon.

She sat on a tree trunk; no, a boulder.
I was the heart inside the soldier,
that broken arm - that hand, that shoulder.

Night which is moonless, melancholy.
I was the man who was extraordinary.
But who really knows the real Billy Connolly?

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