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Paula Green 

Friday 23 August  7.30-10pm  once and for all
Saturday 24 August  4.00 – 5.30pm  poetry/music/painting

Paula Green was born in Auckland and educated at Kamo High School, Whangarei, and at the University of Auckland. After stints in Wellington and London, she is again based in Auckland, with her partner, a painter, and two children. She is a PhD candidate in the Italian Department at the University of Auckland and is researching twentieth-century fragmentary writing by Italian women writers.

Paula has been writing for many years and her work had been appearing in journals and at live readings for some time before her first collection Cookhouse was published by Auckland University Press in December 1997. She has since published a second collection, Chrome (AUP, 2000).

Paula is a poet who writes lyrically and movingly about her own life as a mother, daughter, friend, and as a poet. In Cookhouse she writes with great skill and invention using the metaphor of food, cooking and meals to represent both the nurturing, caring experience of women and her loving concern for language and fondness for others who have worked with words, especially other women writers.

Paula’s work has always received positive critical attention. She has been a featured poet in Poetry NZ, was acknowledged warmly by the guest editor of the October 2000 issue of JAAM ("the most original and distinctive voice writing in New Zealand today") and Cookhouse was the subject of a recent course on literature and cooking. Paula’s work has also been featured in the British literary journal Fire, which published her poem ‘home’ and predicted that Paula was a New Zealand poet about to become known worldwide.

Paula has enormous experience at successful event organisation. She was the founder of ‘The Alba Readings’, a series of literary evenings held at the Alba Cafe for poets, writers of fiction, the mainstream, and the avant-garde. In May 1999, she and poet Michele Leggott organised the only fringe event of the Auckland Writers’ Festival – the first of a series of Café Readings at the University of Auckland. She is currently the programme adviser to AUP’s Seeing Voices Poetry Festival, which will run in Auckland from 23 to 25 August 2002.

Lemon Stack

The block of sour
memory gloriously
hanging in the balance
lemon on less than lemon
on more than a past bleached
to dark and hard to see
a stemmed lung, a meek balloon, a light socket.

Lovingly impressed
on the pitch black of a scratched night
on the deep plentiful and smooth
this orderly arrangement
Simonides' gem.

Lemon at the thought or
dancing for joy
at all that is packed
in a small catch of drawers.

A waxen tin jug
dreamt in emberish signs
holds all
for the telling.

  • afternoon tea with Michele Leggott (nzepc)
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  • drinking thick cappucino with my daughter in the heart of Cuba Street for the first time (nzepc)
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  • Yellow (nzepc)
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  • Second Night of March: Lemon Stack (nzepc)
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  • Fifth of April: Night Crossing, The Surrender (nzepc)
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  • Tenth of April: Intersection (nzepc)
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  • Thirtieth of April: Underwood (nzepc)
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