T H E    P O E T R Y    P R O J E C T  
        n z e p c

1000 Poems For Our Place

Paula Green worked in four West Auckland schools to produce 1000 poems that celebrated the local area – whether place, people, objects, activities or family.

Over the course of a week, she worked at Lincoln Heights Primary School. She took workshops with every middle and senior class, a group of keen writers and the staff. The school had held a competition for entry into the daily workshop for keen writers (to produce an extra page for Paula’s Aunt Concertina and Her Niece Evalina). The school produced hundreds of poems and enthusiastic response to what poems can do.

Paula worked with four groups of students at Glen Eden Intermediate School (fifty to sixty students per group). She then offered follow-up workshops with the same groups which allowed students to polish their final drafts. The response was enthusiastic and the willingness of students to test out new possibilities rewarding.

At Glen Eden Primary School, Paula took a large workshop with the help of other teachers (120 students) and followed that with three smaller groups of keen writers. The young poets filled the hall with poems that hummed while the smaller groups were able to trial different approaches to writing a poem. 

At Massey High School, Paula worked with classes at Year 9, Year 11 and Year 12. She took a two-hour workshop with a group of keen writers and ran a poetry club for a term. The students were willing to try anything and produced a remarkable amount in a short space of time.

Paula finished the project with two large poetry displays -- one at Massey Library and one at Glen Eden Library. She took one group of students to read at Massey Library and at West Harbour Lodge Retirement Village. The audience of about 40 or 50 at the former was captivated while the residents at the latter had an event that made their day. The experience was as valuable for the children as it was for the old people. The Glen Eden Library reading was accompanied by a reading at Willow Park Retirement Village with similar results.



Poster Poems

  • GEIS - Glen Eden Intermediate School
  • GEPS - Glen Eden Primary School
  • LHPS - Lincoln Heights Primary School
  • MHS - Massey High School

Bella B, Y8 GEIS
Eleanor D, Y7 GEIS
Freddie O, Y7 GEIS
Harry M, Y8 GEIS
Heidi W, Y7 GEIS
Jack H, Y7 GEIS
Jack M, Y8 GEIS
Kizzie A, Y8 GEIS
Maddy G, Y7 GEIS
Matthew B, Y 7 GEIS
Marie E, Y8 GEIS
Poppy J, Y7 GEIS
Ryan G, Y7 GEIS
Scott G, Y7 GEIS
Scott I, Y7 GEIS
Adelia R, Y5 GEPS
Aiden 1, Y5 GEPS
Aiden 2, Y5 GEPS
Erin B, Y5 GEPS
Haydan W, Y6 GEPS
Jaya-R, Y5 GEPS
Joeseas 1, Y5 GEPS
Joeseas 2, Y5 GEPS
John P, Y5 GEPS
Jordan, Y5 GEPS
Joshua P, Y6 GEPS
Katelyn C, Y6 GEPS
Keegan G, Y5 GEPS
Sharliz W, Y6 GEPS
Vena, Y5 GEPS
Zaine, Y5 GEPS
Bernetti, Y7 LHPS
Christian L, Y8 LHPS
Dominique O, Y5 LHPS
Grace P, Y6 LHPS
Jayden W, Y6 LHPS
Kayla W, Y6 LHPS
KT Renee, Y6 LHPS
Maatusi M, Y5 LHPS
Michael S, Y8 LHPS
Philip S, Y6 LHPS
Saige M, Y5 LHPS
Sebastian O 1, Y8 LHPS
Sebastian O 2, Y8 LHPS
Te Mana, Y5 LHPS
Tiarnan J, Y6 LHPS
William S, Y6 LHPS
Aiden M, Y10 MHS
Brenan RN, Y9 MHS
Georgia H, Y13 MHS
Kim W, Y9 MHS
Kuna S, Y12 MHS
Nick W, Y12 MHS
Pasova F, Y11 MHS
Quin T, Y9 MHS
Quin T 2, Y9 MHS
Sarah, Y12 MHS
Selina V, Y11 MHS
Simone C, Y12 MHS
Sophie P, Y12 MHS
Tomo K, Y12 MHS
Zahrian L, Y11 MHS