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My dog


My dog name is Bingo.
All da dog name is Bingo.
Bingo is da bad dog.
He bite da Palagi mans on da foot.
Aunty Fale throw da big stone to Bingo
and make da sore on Bingo’s leg.
Now Bingo walk on da 3 leg.

The Palagi mans he’s stay at our house now
and everybody is very happy
specially Aunty who is showing to all da peoples
of our village how we have da Palagi.

Now Bingo no more sleep under da table
because Aunty say he’s stink
and no good for da Palagi to smell da stink smell.

Bingo he sleep outside and eat da stone.
Only feed Bingo da stone everytime.
We call
and throw da stone to him
and laugh
and da Palagi man shout to us
You kids stop throwing stones at the dog!

And Aunty Fale call us shit and pig
and chase us with da broom and hit us hardhard
on da leg and catch Pela by da hair and shake her
hardhard till Pela’s hair is coming out
in Aunty’s hand and Pela is cryingscreaming.

We call
and Bingo come runningrunning
and lick our sore
and grinning.


(Wild Dogs Under My Skirt, 14-15)


Tusiata Avia