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A guide to poetry-related materials in the libraries and manuscript collections of Aotearoa/New Zealand and the Pacific region.

The Directory of community archives, provides contact information and website addresses for organisations and institutions across New Zealand who hold archival information about local communities.

The Alexander Turnbull Library is located within the National Library of New Zealand. The Turnbull supports research, especially in the New Zealand and Pacific area. The Turnbull's collections can be searched and requested online using the search function on the National Library's website.

The University of Auckland Libraries and Learning Services Manuscripts and Archives collection has substantial holdings of literary archives, including material (such as our collection of Tapa Notebooks) created by the following writers and literary presses. Nb. the following list is a sample of what we hold.

Eileen Duggan

Lauris Edmond

Peter Smart

A.R.D. Fairburn

Freed / The Word is Freed (magazine)

Holloway Press Archive

Robin Hyde

Alan Loney

nzepc archive

Kendrick Smithyman

Mary Stanley

Greville Texidor

University of Auckland Typographical Collection

Robert Sullivan

Last updated 16 July, 2004