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1,000 Words or a Picture:Could Poetry be a Contemporary Art? (333 TYPES OF POETIC MIMESIS IN 999 WORDS)

Representation is a central issue of poetic language acts. It is keyed to argument or persuasion or seduction or nonsense or expression or reportage or surrealism or private experience or direct communication or description or abrasion or unpleasantness or revenge or reaction or exclusion or doctrine or blindness or singularity or blankness-with-a-color or hands holding or replication or mode envy or displacement or bodies or clothes or faces or voices or fingers or explosions or intimacy or rejection or entry or imbrication or bridges or gaps or dendrites or patterns or neutrality or genderlessness or bricolage or power or succumbing or agreement or schooling or fear or umbrage or florals or urbanity or undressing or predictability or surprise or corner-turning or the city or the country or tribal identity or security or assurance or acquiescence or community or connection or breaking out or unveiling or delving or insisting or believing or interrogating or relentlessness or interiority or extrusion or somasis or diegesis or intelligibility or allocating or clearing or invoking or desire or longing or tending or reaching or trans-temporalism or unearthing or deducing or fornicating or unhinging or singing or flattening or creasing or crinkling or berating or harking or haunting or lying or sighing or laughing or needling or asserting or bettering or belonging or ghettoizing or blue-printing or seizing or yielding or assizing or memorializing or promising or presenting or grammar lust or lavish preparation for infinite space or excruciating strip or replacement destruction or texting the body or positive negation or mystery training or suggestion or cultural assumption nodes or delirium tending or concretizing or enumerating or framing or holding-the-curtain or hammering the piano or setting up for god or homologizing or synonymizing or speaking-for or vindicating or escaping or pinning or purring or enjoying or enjoining or intoning or moaning or toying or honoring or dramatizing or reverting or excoriating or calling or chanting or picking the threads or warping or simulcasting or checkering or complaining or amazing or childing or commanding or swindling or decoding or processing or purging or fondling or tinkering or haggling or carving or re-doing or traveling or tendering or jazzing or arithmetizing or adoring or myth or stranding or arching or jimmying or woman or screen or counting or slowing or copying or inverting or murmuring or anchoring or pointillism or chiaroscuro or domestic wrangling or instanding or detailing surface or inscribing nakedness or archaic allusion jointures or fastening self-to-self or toggling disjunctures or suturing objects to limbs or crawling inside the body or applying one extreme to another or sieve-eyes or open-handedness or windy eloquence curtains or staring into the sun or other-self-blanking or animalizing or binding or preferring heavy words or imbuing the surroundings or making verbal islands or syllable caressing or paper-worshipping or anthropologizing or including everything or code switching or womb-focus or penis syntax or inhabiting history via the supposition of a single subject or doing the moors for the old tongue or tracing the desk or universalizing one’s own hands or tightening the genre weave or tracking with punctuation or twirling a maze or side-trips or parentheticals or hyphen-dragging or little-rooming or cultural entwining or using the microphone or swerving the screen or forwarding the code or three-dimensional multi-presenting graphemes or sound effects or reality bullets or grave adoration or gauze touch or bird dancing or mountain gorging or river emulation or star map or constellated equivocation or pillow rest or master leaning or list or blueprint or branches or veins or subway trajectories or palimpsest or spider web or cambium or epidermis or thread or museum piling or direct address or letter-touching or surfacing or positioning or fixation or infinite vex or blood ink or anonymity or scalping or world-roping or persona obsessing or grace with a smile on light graphemes or cutting coy image vulnerabilities or looping blood and ink together soundly or shining a calm light behind cultural trees or recycling the innards of words or mixing clay with a receptive verbal surface or assortment or undoing or presentness or embroidery or vacuity or resentment or twist or curling an animal’s body in the shape of words or spitting coffee on the ground in letters or watching the page brim with water or negotiating or demarcation or implicating or underneathing or response or blanket coverage or removal or eyes or ears or finding the sidewalk with legs like a pen or stitching books across or howling in a justified screed or lolling in a cultural sofa pattern or crawling along the shore spreading ideas or filling entire rooms or mimicking witchery sounds or throwing a winch between centuries or making a map of what everyone says or prescription or directive or incommensurability or inventing a persona grid or traducing national documents or claiming a past or honoring a style or mystic photographs or morpheme lodgings or intralinear urban casements or using words as clasps the reader or bathing a particular or making an anaphora wall or writing to someone or slanting with dedication or prancing in interstices or conveying a right to be there or turning your mind into gears or hammering planks on clouds or kissing sophistry or insisting on the process or scalping reference of complacency or grazing on the crystal or dimensional strata or chalk or tablet or hidden words or disappearing ink or recipe or score or scar or pain field or floating petals or reading entrails or substituting objects for personal impulses or phrasal pas de deux or tying up reserves in single words or cramming the mouth tenderly full of letters or leaning on allusion’s heavy sword or calling forth recognizable substances in a limited context or stroking the forehead of childhood or spreading one’s flayed skin over one’s idea of nationhood or sublime overreaching or teetering concrete with abstract terms or talking on the bus or signaling as if underwater or getting my mouth close to your ear and that’s just Englishes now.



Last updated 20 May, 2009