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1,000 Words or a Picture:Could Poetry be a Contemporary Art? 



1.1 You are invited to submit either '1,000 words' or 'a picture' to issue #7 of Ka Mate Ka Ora.

1.2 The format for this issue will be a montage of these contributions to create a virtual colloquium round the proposition.

2.1 Various aspects of poetry activity could be addressed: writing, publishing, other forms of presentation, reviewing, critiquing, clarifying, theorizing.

2.2 Problems of the use of poetry such as representation, nonsense, and presentation, saying and showing, might equally be encompassed.

3.1 What a picture is depends on how you use that word.

3.2 Maybe a word is a thing that poetry can speak of isomorphically.

4.1 All contributions will be of equal value

4.2 Contributions will be refereed

“The picture is a model of reality”

“What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence”

“What can be shown cannot be said”  -   Ludwig Wittgenstein



Last updated 18 May, 2009