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John Tranter Reads in Auckland

Text and video clips of John Tranter reading and talking about 13 recent poems, Auckland, August 2002. 
From nzepc archives. See also John Tranter’s Seeing Voices page, his homepage and early poetry site.




Video Clips

  • Backyard
      lo-fi (rm : 615KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (avi : 7.5MB)
  • Voodoo
      lo-fi (rm : 625KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (avi : 7.9MB)
  • Lavender Ink
      lo-fi (rm : 640KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (avi : 8MB)
  • God on a Bicycle
      lo-fi (rm : 600KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (avi : 7.3MB)
  • Invitation to America
      lo-fi (rm : 430KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (avi : 5.3MB)
  • Festival
      lo-fi (rm : 440KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (avi : 5.3MB)
  • Five Modern Myths
      lo-fi (rm : 470KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (avi : 5.9MB)
  • Enzensberger at Exiles Bookshop
      lo-fi (rm : 750KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (avi : 9.4MB)
  • Stratocruiser
      lo-fi (rm : 750KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (avi : 9.4MB)


Poolside: Under Berlin
Backyard: Under Berlin
Voodoo: Under Berlin
Moonshine Sonata: Studio Moon
Lavender Ink: Ultra
God on a Bicycle: At The Florida
Invitation to America: Borrowed Voices
After Laforgue: Borrowed Voices
Night: Borrowed Voices
Brussels: Borrowed Voices
Festival: Borrowed Voices
Five Modern Myths: Studio Moon
Lullaby: Under Berlin

John Tranter Partial Bibliography:

2003  Trio. Salt Publishing (UK). An omnibus collection of all the poems in three books published previously in Australia but long out of print: Red Movie (1972), Crying in Early Infancy 100 Sonnets (1977), and Dazed in the Ladies Lounge (1979).

2003  Studio Moon. Salt Publishing (UK). Consists of sixteen poems from At The Florida unpublished outside Australia, eight poems from Borrowed Voices, plus another twenty-eight uncollected poems.

2002  Borrowed Voices, Shoestring Press, 19 Devonshire Avenue, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 1BS, UK. A dozen reinterpretations of poems by other (French, German, Chilean, Ancient Greek, Chinese, and English) poets.

2001  Heart Print, Salt Publishing (UK). Not available directly in Australia. Contact Chris Emery, 3 Ratford's Yard, Great Wilbraham Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 5JT, United Kingdom; Heart Print contains the poems in Ultra, plus twenty-eight sonnets from Crying in Early Infancy, all of the twenty-seven poems that make up The Alphabet Murders (somewhat revised) and an uncollected seven-page prose poem in the form of a hypermetrical sestina, ‘The Beach’.

2001  Ultra, Brandl and Schlesinger, Sydney.
Twenty-four 50-line poems plus a short introductory poem.

1998  Late Night Radio, Polygon Press (University of Edinburgh Press), Edinburgh. Late Night Radio is made up of poems selected from Selected Poems (1983) and Under Berlin (1988), which were not available previously in the UK.

1993  At The Florida, University of Queensland Press, St Lucia.

1988  Under Berlin, University of Queensland Press, St Lucia, 1988.


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