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Full text of Ruby Porter's Tapa Notebook [PDF: 4.5MB]

Ruby Porter is a prose writer, poet and artist. She was the winner of the Wallace Foundation Short Fiction Award in 2017, and the inaugural winner of the Michael Gifkins Prize in 2018, with her debut novel Attraction (Text Publishing). Attraction was written for her Masters of Creative Writing at the University of Auckland, where she is now a tutor and PhD candidate.

Ruby Porter writes:

I took my tapa notebook with me on my first trip overseas since I was twelve. I flew to Los Angeles, where I was meeting one of my best friends (since before I was twelve). Together we drove (or she drove, and I sat in the passenger seat) all the way to New York, through the desert, through the South. We arrived in Texas just in time for a tornado. We arrived in DC just in time for Brett Kavanaugh's inauguration. The collages are made solely from materials I picked up along the way – gallery flyers, Christian circulars, ticket stubs, lost photos, found rubbish. I was interested in the congruities between poetry and collage – their fondness for fragments; their tendency to slash, to snip, to clip, to rehome; their gaps. I wanted to explore how both forms – poetry and collage – could be used to map a city, or even a journey.


Ruby Porter
Photo credit: Michael Mann


Last updated 1 April, 2021