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Jeffrey Paparoa Holman is a senior adjunct fellow at the University of Canterbury; his doctoral studies on the work of the ethnographer Elsdon Best and his principal Tuhoe informant Tutakangahau were published in the monograph, Best of Both Worlds by Penguin Books in 2010.

He also writes poetry: As big as a Father (Steele Roberts, 2002), Autumn Waiata (Cold Hub Press, 2010) and Shaken Down 6.3 (Canterbury UP, 2012) are some of his titles. A memoir, The Lost Pilot, is due from Penguin in June 2013. He was most recently the New Zealand representative at the 2012 Creative New Zealand/University of Iowa International Writing Program in Iowa City, USA.

Jeffrey writes:

I wrote in my Tapa notebook as if it was a kid’s scrapbook, filling it with notes and drawings and found items to do with my year in Hamilton at the University of Waikato as the writer-in-residence, and my trip to Japan as part of the book I was writing there. I enjoyed the spontaneity, the liberal application of glue (shades of wet days trapped inside the house on the West Coast, growing up) and then colouring it in. I hope people can read my scrawl – if not, at least be infected with my enjoyment!




Jeffrey Paparoa Holman at LOUNGE 18,
March 2011. Credit: Tim Page
Road damage, Fitzgerald Ave, Christchurch 2011.
Credit: Jeffrey Paparoa Holman

Jeffrey Paparoa Holman: Kamikaze tourist, 2011

Last updated 11 March, 2013