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Full text of Dinah Hawken's Tapa Notebook [PDF: 5.5MB]

Dinah Hawken was born in Hāwera in 1943 and now lives in Paekākāriki. She has worked as a student counsellor and writing teacher at Victoria University and Victoria University Press has published eight collections of her poetry. The most recent, There is no harbour, was published in 2019 and four of her previous collections have been shortlisted for the New Zealand book awards.

In 2015 Dinah Hawken wrote:

I've really enjoyed spending time with the Tapa Notebook over this summer, just writing a few lines each day with my favoured fountain pen - a few small doodles here and there. I enjoyed the looseness of it, just starting and seeing where it would go, and not being able, or wanting, to edit and correct as I would with a poem for ordinary publication. Thank you for the opportunity. I ended up imagining my grand-children, now 4 & 6, perhaps finding it in the library in 15 years time by chance - and began to write towards them.


Dinah Hawken
Photo credit: Siaosi Photography


Last updated 14 December, 2020