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Kendrick Smithyman

Iíve been an enthusiast for the poetry of Kendrick Smithyman (1922-1995) for quite some time, and Iím convinced that more people would enjoy it if they appreciated the sheer range of his interests and his achievement. At any rate, that was my principal motive for compiling a posthumous Festschrift or symposium of views on Smithymanís life and work. Smithymania, a special issue [# 26] of the literary magazine brief (formerly A Brief Description of the Whole World) appeared in February 2003. Many of the pieces were co-listed on the nzepc website.

Youíll find here:

In the magazine itself (still available from the address below, for $NZ12 plus postage) youíll find much more: further unpublished pieces from the archive, including an essay on Bruce Mason, a note on Sargesonís ďHole that Jack Dug,Ē and some occasional verse; critical essays by Heather McCann, Theresia Marshall, and Mark Pirie; poems by Grant Duncan, Bernard Gadd, Anna Jackson and Richard Taylor; photographs by Michael Dean; a tribute by his granddaughter Alexandra Smithyman; and a chronology of his life and work.

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Ė Jack Ross

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