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Richard von Sturmer

Recorded 3 and 10 October 2016 at the University of Auckland, Faculty of Arts Sound Studio.
Tim Page, sound engineer.
From This Explains Everything

From Book of Equanimity Verses

22. The upper hand
26. A cloud penis enters
30. Edison’s last breath
31. It’s in the space between
52. The donkey looks at the well.
63. Of course you lose your life.
75. I have no idea
92. The Transit of Venus was observed
93. The manor house

Resonating Distances 2
Resonating Distances 3


Richard von Sturmer
 Photo credit: Parbhu Makan

Richard von Sturmer’s latest book, This Explains Everything, was published by Atuanui Press in November 2016. His most personal work, it is part memoir, part adventure story and part poetic collage.

Poem notes

What if Ophelia,’ ‘Hermes’ and ‘My Father Once Told Me’ are from the third section of This Explains Everything and are part of an interweaving of song lyrics, poetry and prose-poems. The following nine poems are from Book of Equanimity Verses (Puriri Press, 2013). The hundred verses in this work were inspired by The Book of Equanimity, a Zen text from Sung Dynasty China, comprising one hundred koans. ‘Resonating Distances 2’ and ‘Resonating Distances 3’ are two recent tanka sequences. Tanka is a five-line verse form. I’m drawn to tanka sequences because of the way individual poems flow together to form a whole.


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