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Owen Connors

Recorded 7 June 2016 at the University of Auckland, Faculty of Arts Sound Studio. Tim Page, sound engineer.

Owen Connors
 Photo credit: Ophelia King

Owen Connors is an artist and writer living in Auckland, Aotearoa. They are currently reading Travis Jeppesen, Claudia Rankine and John Wieners.

Poem notes

'$56.50 28/01/2016,’ ‘$60.00 04/12/2015’ and ‘$111.00 04/12/2015’ were all originally published in Argos Aotearoa Issue II: Waste. The works take their titles from the purchase amount and date of the receipts they appear on the back of.

‘J (EXCERPT - THE MEMORY OF A MEMORY OF SOMEONE ELSE’S CONSUMPTION)’ was originally read in February 2016 at Everything Here is For Sale a reading addressing gentrification organised by Ruby Porter.

‘LOVE TO TERROR’ was originally published as a photograph in Desperate, a publication produced by George Watson, featuring a community of writers studying at Elam.

‘AFTER BEFORE GEORGE’ was originally published in a collection of texts to accompany little metonym, a group show executed under Hapori and curated by Robin Murphy.

‘A POEM FOR ISCHIA (FUCK AUDEN)’ was originally read at All Tomorrows Poets, a national poetry day event held at Time Out Book Store in August 2015, facilitated by Manon Revuelta and Alex Mitcalfe Wilson.

‘SO GASOLINE AMONGST THE UNQUIET OF THINGS’ and ‘WAS CATALOGED AS TRIFLES OF DEAD THINGS AND NOT THE DEEPER LIFE LIFE NO NAME’ were both produced in relation to an ongoing translation of the work of Christian Prigent. The later poem was published in the accompanying zine for FUCK ME 3: Excess, in July 2016.

Last updated 30 November, 2016