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Stephanie Christie

Recorded 1 July 2015 at the University of Auckland

Stephanie Christie
 Photo credit: Paul Bradley

I’ve been performing my work for 17 years (for 12 of these I was known as Will.) I make zines, word installations and collaborate with people working in other art forms. My books are Luce Cannon (Titus Books, 2007), The Facts of Light (Vagabond, 2014) and Carbon Shapes and Dark Matter (Titus Books, 2015). My creative practice has its own space at

Poem notes

I like that all these pieces have had a life outside the book’s walls. I take pleasure in making the work that comes to me, and I brave sharing it in the hope that it finds its way to the people who can use it.

Performance and zines are great for this. First, I don’t have to wait for someone to declare my work appropriate to be published. Second, I get an immediate response, so I know that even the most abstract work can still ring on inside people. They sometimes tell me which combination of words had what effect, and it’s unnerving how accurately my crafted words can map out the experiences of strangers. This has led me to think that we’re charging up language with the potential for connections, and that people use what we make to engage with unexpected parts of themselves.

I’ve chosen these works as a group because they are diverse, in form and in age, and at the same time they all have visions. My creative practice shelters me, while it builds my engagement with the world, taking me past my known edges. I am interested in awkward


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