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Alice Miller


Recorded 7 October 2014 at the University of Auckland

Alice Miller
 Photo credit: Dylan Whiting

Alice Miller lives in Vienna. She has an MA from the International Institute of Modern Letters (IIML) and an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Her first collection The Limits was published by Auckland University Press and Shearsman (UK). In 2014, she was a Grimshaw Sargeson Fellow and a resident at the Michael King Writers’ Centre in Auckland. Website:

Poem notes

These poems swing between competing forces: distance and closeness. Machine and human. Earth and mind. Here and gone. They hunt for the word’s version of music’s home key. Some are older poems from The Limits. Others were written more recently, since I moved from Wellington to Vienna. The poem ‘Eva Braun in Linz’ came from a trip I took to Hitler’s hometown, shortly after watching Braun’s surreal and disturbing home movies on YouTube.

‘The lever’ appeared in Five Dials
‘History’ appeared in Narrative Magazine and The Limits
‘Orbit’ appeared in Boston Review and The Limits
‘In season’ appeared in The Wolf, and The Limits
‘Body’ appeared in Narrative Magazine and The Limits
‘Terms’ appeared in The Iowa Review and The Limits
‘Air’ appeared in Five Dials
‘As the crow flies the sun rips day open’ appeared in Mslexia
‘Another maker’ appeared in IKA
‘Album of breath’ appeared in Shearsman Magazine, Landfall, and The Limits
‘Eva Braun in Linz’ appeared in Oxford Poetry
‘Burn’ appeared in Hue & Cry, and The Limits


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