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Phantom Billstickers Poem Posters 2009

An initiative by poster company Phantom Billstickers puts poems by New Zealand and American poets on the streets as A1 posters. The first four posters were launched in Auckland 2 June by Tusiata Avia, James Milne (aka Lawrence Arabia) and Michele Leggott, who pasted the first copies of Tusiata’s poem ‘Cheek’ and James' 'The Kinds of Feelings that Happen on Summer Beaches' on a Billstickers site opposite Britomart in the CBD. Readings of both poems were improvised and there were poems from the pavement by Michele Leggott, David Eggleton, Lisa Samuels, Selina Tusitala Marsh, Kelly Malone, John Adams, Tricia Hall, Otis Mace and others.

The posters will go up in 13 New Zealand cities and in Nashville, Tennessee, where the company is also active. The poems will change monthly and the project will run for six months.

16 November 2009 posters in Dunedin

Robert Pinsky Marcie Sims Sandra Bell Joe Treceno
Samurai Song
Robert Pinsky
Marcie Sims
Palace of Exiles
Sandra Bell
Joe Treceno
Jay Clarkson Sam Hunt Brian Turner  
Jay Clarkson
11 Runes (for Alf, turning 11)
Sam Hunt
Keeping it Up
Brian Turner



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July 2009 poster poems

Phantom Billstickers' second selection of poster poems was launched at Wellington Trawling Sea Market and at the National Library of New Zealand in association with the announcement of the second NZ Poet Laureate, Cilla McQueen. Poster poems by Bill Direen, David Eggleton, Michele Leggott, Frankie McMillan, Josie McQuail and Otis Mace went national and then (Nashville, Sydney, Paris) international.  

eggleton mac mcquail white  

The Scenic Route
David Eggleton

Fit Tuck Ridge
Otis Mace

Sea of Lonely
Josie McQuail,
Bill Direen

leggott mcmillan      

wonderful to relate
Michele Leggott

Developing my father
Frankie McMillan


Paris Poster - Bill Direen Paris Poster Paris Poster Paris Poster


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June-July 2009 Nafanua Goes to Nashville

Jim Wilson of Phantom Billstickers commissioned 'Nafanua goes to Nashville' from Tusiata Avia for a poster that is now gracing several cities in Tennessee. George Furman's photos catch Nafanua in Cookeville, TN.

nafanua walmart papaci hancock

furman morgan hancock

June 2009 poster poems

avia milne mccaleb white  

Tusiata Avia

The Kinds of Feelings that Happen on Summer Beaches
James Milne aka Lawrence Arabia
A Moment in the Morning
Jeffery D McCaleb
there was a time
Michael White



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