new zealand electronic poetry centre

L I S A   S A M U E L S



On the round earth's
imagined purchase
all the instruments

I only eat and eat
your consonantal grin it sees
blue and red and green

Look outside, it's freezing
cold the ice it melts your
fingernails, like ice

Gestates like geography
how not of moving anything, a place
to be moved



Intimacy arc

the high seas want to be near us
they are loverly
the air wishes to be inside itself
it is onerous
water is what we put upon
our lips and it
is what we tell each other when
we speak with water
earth is dirt and gets inside
is honorific
take your fingers and give them
back themselves
to make the ambuscade of blood
an unforseeing
adjure could bring itself to suture
each hand to hand
until you walk there with your beaches
very still and



Milwaukee, Wisconsin
April 2006


Last updated 27 April, 2006