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A N N E    K E N N E D Y

One of My Honolulu Sonnets

The most-asked question is do your cocktails have
umbrellas in them? It’s true that here we have learned
to make Pineapple Bombers. But no. That thing
on the rim of the glass is the sun going down
on America. When I first looked out from Waikiki
I thought I was seeing the Pacific Ocean
for the first time. People think we lie
under umbrellas at the beach all the time,
but no. Mostly life goes on just the same. I am
still planning my book, Talking Loudly: a self-help guide
for better communication between the members
of rock bands. Seeing a need which has not diminished
with distance. I am reading narrowly just as I always did,
a sharp point under which there is no shade.


Last updated 26 April, 2006