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C O L L A B O R A T I O N  ( 2 )


Nevada’ dead white face
thought like a black hill side
studded with lidless red eyes
land ends: sea begins
the cold goes down for miles
leaving an incommensurable trace
like the wake of a boat

Where did you come from? Unde genus?
N ō hea ia ? Tana papa? Tana whaea?
No dog deader than a dead dog
No mate deader than a dead mate:
Aue , ka mate rawa taku hoa t ūturu !
We ran to the end of the world –
            and jumped.

Living, you were laughter
black cut-out  
too late to convince you
what strength? Little enough to match that body
ends land
it’s always that friend of a friend
that was your work, it suits you to weep
            whoever saw you           loved




Martin Edmond, Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, Jeanne Bernhardt



Last updated 8 May, 2006