new zealand electronic poetry centre




a f t e r   a   v i s i t   w e   a l l   g o   b a c k   h o m e   ( M a t a r i k i )

my feet bring themselves to the stars
bring bright sight
                  / touch felt
bottoms of my feet pinged
                / soft with light cold reach
the stars are holding up my feet

my feet are walking on the tops of the stars
(they let me) balance over cold bright
points until my feet stretch out
                       / across the hot far steps
lights   enormous    stars    the    sharp    high    (start)

stretch one call two touch three felt
four toes five hands six (I’m falling)
seven catches my head

as I replete among them my whole body
temperately fractured on unispheres
                    / they whisper without sound
“your warm tympanum trembling”
toes sought out the far sight stretch
they bring themselves the stars 
                    / are opening oho thank you


Last updated 24 July, 2009