new zealand electronic poetry centre




a n o t h e r  m a t a r i k i   s o n g

because of the lemony light
falling falling falling
because one step is a theatre
any time any place
dazzling in its troubadour take
on real life (that life)
because you are far away
and far and away the best
impression we have
a legend tangoing in the streets
of Buenos Aires    happy bonus airs
because because
we are taking the lemons in their tubs
inside now    a theatre
walking all the way to the end
of the earth the beginning
of the new year    oh because
our terracotta feet are warm
and our palombaro wings outspread
we will go to the dark city
on the other side of the earth
we will walk the streets and buy shoes
and hats    we will stay out there
and watch for our sisters
making their way to the station
because because
everywhere is a theatre and limonaia
is where our feet take us
walking walking walking
over the bridges and the dark
river how shall we say it
going to meet the sea    going
to meet the river of light
streaming over our heads

Last updated 24 July, 2009