new zealand electronic poetry centre

Leaflets & Chalk

Friday 22 July 2005

A project by students, poets and the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre (nzepc) to bring poems into public spaces of the University of Auckland campus as printed handouts and chalked texts on Montana Poetry Day.


A selection of 50 one-page printouts for nzepc’s 4th birthday on Montana Poetry Day 22 July 2005. These are some of the people, poems and places our activities have involved since July 2001. This anthology of links is dedicated to the poets of Aotearoa New Zealand and their readers everywhere.

Students and poets at the University of Auckland distributed 500 printouts on campus 22 July and chalked poems on blackboards and in public spaces to mark the occasion.


A selection of photographs documenting texts chalked by students and poets for Montana Poetry Day 2005. See also English 347 Poetry Off the Page homepage


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