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Pieta Pemberton

Fugacity 05
Online Poetry Anthology


Photos for the blind

the grass is cut
and there is a lawnmower next to the shed
it is not moving
the lawnmower not the shed
but the shed is still too

it is old
the shed not the mower
but the mower is not the flash kind
with the pull string and the push handle
it is rusty
not the shed
the shed too

the door looks like it will fall off
at any second
the mower has no door
there is an old bird house
next to the shed
and the mower
it is made of wood
the bird house
but no birds live there
they might but I cant see them
maybe they went out for some time

but if some come back
if not when
but i dont know
but if they do
i will tell you
show you
the birds 
they might be on the grass
which has just been cut

Last updated April 27, 2005