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F U G A C I T Y   0 5   O n l i n e   P o e t r y   A n t h o l o g y

Fugacity 05


THE CLOCK IS TICKING in a universe that’s human and always behind or in front of us

WEST OF THE SUN these eyes open, this mouth begins its talk to these ears that listen and think back

EAST OF THE MOON where it hangs up there like the poet said a minim wraith of silver light in the daytime sky

TIME KISSES PLACE because you are here, now, forever and

THE EARTH MOVES off on its track again, never the same river twice, not one heartbeat missing or out of place

Between 12 noon Thursday 21 April and 12 noon Saturday 23 April 2005 poems mailed or brought on a disk to the FUGACITY 05 symposium in Christchurch were assembled to make an online poetry anthology ready for launching at New Brighton beach on the city’s eastern littoral.

Guidelines were posted electronically and distributed as widely as possible. We wanted to see who would fill the space offered in the time specified. We liked the thought of balancing geographical specificity (a festive gathering in a southern hemisphere city) against the post-geographical possibilities of the Internet (distance reconfigured by cyberspace).

We opened the portals and in the 48 hours of our festival we made something to match the fugacious spirit of the event.

We would like to thank everyone who took up the invitation to contribute poems to FUGACITY 05. Now it’s your turn to read.

Brian Flaherty, Bernadette Hall, Claire Hero, Michele Leggott, Graham Lindsay and John Newton

everybody’s autobiography to the bird sound of rain






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