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Fiona Farrell

Fugacity 05
Online Poetry Anthology


Falling in love on the way home

I have fallen in love
on the way home

first a lake lay
down beside me
naked to the horizon

then a hill stretched
out its brown arm and
drew me close I could
smell the sweat of its
crevices at every turn

then a harbour licked
my ear whispering the
things harbours say
to all the girls about
other places they have
touched but you’re the
one babe hey you’re
the one

then I reached the
summit and the sky
lifted itself above me
and its face was huge
and tender it breathed
in my hair and its breath
was a hawk hung by a
single thread

then I was flying I was
falling I was out of it
completely rock and cloud
under my shoulders I was
spread like the blue sweep
of the sea

take me I said
take me I’m yours

yours when I was born with
the Waitaki on my left hand
the Pacific at my feet
the Kakanuis at my head

yours today

and yours when I am furled
at last into a crack on your
scarred side to ooze and
crumble in your sweet dark

yours now and forever

my country said nothing
but it leaned back and lit

I like a place where the weather wins.
I like a place where floods cut the
road and trees fall and boats
can’t sail and the mail’s late.

I like a place where people say
“We had 25cms last night” and
everyone talks about the rain as if
it were an irritating aunt, the sort
who does exactly what she pleases.

I like a place where trees are popped
from the ground like parsnips and
roofs vanish and people huddle
in the bathroom. I like a place where
grass shrivels and the earth cracks
like an old pot.

I like a place where thunder is god
with a megaphone telling us to stay
in line or else. I like a place where I
know my place and the weather is

Last updated 24 April, 2005