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Joan Drewery

Fugacity 05



From the Pier, New Brighton Beach

23 April 2005


Citizen:                                    Look at that lettering in the sand!
                                                That’s clever – FUGA CITY
                                                Wonder where it is, sort of sounds like
                                                the States or somewhere in Mexico maybe.
                                                No that’s Yuma.   Made a good job of it
                                                anyway, whoever did it, probably from
                                                Fuga themselves. wherever that is.
                                                Want to know. it’s a curiosity, think
                                                I’ll go back to the library and ask –
                                                they have maps.

Busy Librarian:                       Fuga City? Where? I don’t see any
                                                lettering. Mind you, the tide’s coming in.

Citizen:                                    It was there, over there! Too late.
                                                I can just see the ‘Y’ disappearing . . .
                                                It’s gone.

Friendly Bystander:                Precisely. That’s typical of fugacity.


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