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Barry Amer

Fugacity 05
Online Poetry Anthology


River of Life

Gently chuckling over gravel and grasses,
Lazily strolling as Summer’s day passes.
Basking in perfumes of wild woodland flowers,
Slipping through cloud shadows, sipping the showers
While visiting friends through the grass knitted meadows.

Joined by companions then travelling as one,
Hurrying on through the late afternoon
In urgent excitement and anticipation,
Steepening hillside, startled acceleration,
Suddenly, recklessly, carelessly, forward. 

Tumbling blindly into unseen cold torrent
Dragged on in haste through confusion and torment.
Thundering over this boulder wracked maelstrom
Thrust through with frost splintered needles of caution
Clinging to dreams and ideals calls us onward.

Life’s river gathers in awesome endeavour,
Deep currents’ energies adding their fever
Past all obstructions; life’s bitter mill,
Past the lips of the great unknown, time stands still.
Gently, drifting, rainbow ribboned, peace.

Last updated April 27, 2005