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Nine Exiled Poets 

nzepc and  The Poetics of Exile conference present selections by readers at Nine Exiled Poets
18 July 2003 at Hopetoun Alpha, Auckland, New Zealand. 

View photographs of the opening plenary session taken by University of Auckland photographer Godfrey Boehnke

Selwyn Muru 1, 2; Helen Clark 1, 2; Mike Hanne 1; Conferees 1, 2, 3; Chris Abani 1, 2; Yang Lian 1

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Chris Abani (Nigeria / UK / USA)
Basim Furat
(Iraq / NZ)
Emad Jabbar
(Iraq / NZ)
Kapka Kassabova
(Bulgaria / UK / NZ)
Sudesh Mishra (Fiji / Australia)
Nora Nadjarian (Cyprus)
Yilma Tafere Tasew (Ethiopia / Kenya / NZ)
Bronislava Volkova (Czechoslovakia / USA)
Yang Lian (China / NZ / UK) 

And they shout: don't leave
You are a poet
You are he
Who gathers people's tears
In the dawn of registers
You are a witness
Live here between the
           twin rivers and persist
Live here and strew the 
           years of sufferance
In the embers of the braziers
                                 Emad Jabbar


Last updated 11 December, 2003