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 Capital of  the minimal
B i l l  S e w e l l

The Right Stuff

I don’t think I have it. I would fuck up
as they say; and anyway, they’d have to
stuff me screaming into the capsule:
a total loss of control.
                                        Yet somehow
I belong up there. I too would like
to watch the cloud pour over the nose
and canopy, to burst into the enormous
blue. I too would like to tumble
naked and splendid in the uncensored
light, seeing no reason to come down –

A head for heights, a brain that does
not overload, a good aim: I have
none of these things. Only an eye
that strays forever upwards and out.

[from MTFLG, McIndoe]


© The Estate of Bill Sewell 2004


Last updated 10 July, 2004