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 Capital of  the minimal
P e t e r   O l d s

E Flat

I’ve got this flat, see,
& it’s got in it this piano
which I don’t play,
but I’ve got a guitar –
you know, the lonely instrument –
& I use the piano’s E Flat string
(which happens to be the only one that works)
to E Flat tune the guitar’s 6th string.

Now, the guitar’s got 6 strings
& a piano’s got about one thousand and two,
while, on the other hand, this room
in this flat has no strings,
not even semi-attached.

I guess the E Flat string
must be the loneliest note I know…
But I’m not silly, see –
when I play the guitar
I always pick the chord of D –

well, D sharp, actually.

[BG, Caveman, 1980]


© Peter Olds 2004


Last updated 11 July, 2004