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 Capital of  the minimal
I a i n   L o n i e




Why do you drive me out
of my mind with your complaints?
I was not there to catch you when you fell
nor to hear your last words.
I did not take that care of you
which you once, formally, requested.
I have not buried you properly:
your soul stands shivering on a wet bank.
I have not yet washed your underwear:
I have not straightened this drawer
nor written to that friend.
I have not read the book you gave me
nor tried to understand your work.
I have forgotten the thing you once told me.

Oh rest, perturbed spirit:
all shall be set straight at last
with precision and magnificence.


[CD, Wai-te-ata Press, 1984]

The Estate of Iain Lonie 2004


Last updated 13 August, 2004