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Demarnia Lloyd

 Capital of the minimal  


The lead singer of Cloudboy , Demarnia Lloyd was the inaugural artist in residence at Smiths Grainstore, Oamaru, in February 2001. Her proposal to the Whitestone Community Artist's Trust was that she use the top floor as a live-in studio in which she would sleep, dream, and work out those dreams through the agencies of lyric and melody. At the end of her residency the nine emergent songs were recorded as Set Upon a Curve (Global Routes) at Nick McGowan’s Island Bay studio. Her lyrics are distinguished by their sentient simplicity:

Water clear as air. I can hardly see it,
is it always you walking up to me?
Yarrow on the lawn, bells on the tree, turning up again
surprising me with a group of four on a bell guitar.
Waking up at dawn, wonder where you are?
Wonder what’s the dream you never tell?
Yarrow on the lawn and in the tree a bell rings.
[Bell Guitar]




  • 1993 schoolboy song / eyes that cry single (Munky Kramp)
  • 1994 mink Mink (Infinite Regress Music)
  • 2000 Trace, Demarnia Lloyd (Arclife)
  • 2002 Set Upon a Curve, Demarnia Lloyd (Global Routes)


  • 1995 Cloudboy 7-song EP (Cloudboy/Infinite Regress Music)
  • 1996 Little Prince / Nicknames vinyl picture disc (Cloudboy/Infinite Regress Music)
  • 1997 Pet / Baby You Set Me On Fire vinyl single (Flying Nun)
  • 2001 Down at the End of the Garden CD (Cloudboy/Global Routes/Arclife)


The water’s gone, but I go here.
Listen to the rain, another room.
I need to be still.
I ask you this: the secrets of hills cracked and still?
I have no words.
What kind of choice?
(I ask you this.)
Sign my name on the wall.
I need to be still.
The waters gone.
As if you’ll wait.
Why say these things?
And back here again, all half awake, all wide awake.
Listen to the rain.

Rain [mp3 / 3.5MB]

© Dermarnia Lloyd 2004


Last updated 11 July, 2004