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 Capital of  the minimal
J a y   C l a r k s o n


Took no trouble to conceal
They were rolling like a wheel
Chambers, chambers, were unsealed
Layers, layers, were unpeeled

Footprints leading to a room
Thought it empty, but itís full
Good and evil are the same
Be we content, be we appalled

Shine your own shoes, now shine theirs
Tasty icing, tasty fears
Take their tinsel, take their brass
Hold their skeletons, hold them fast

Feel your body melt like rain
Feel the stones and feel the pain
Licking scratches, licking wounds
Kissing strangers, walk in the room.

[Kindle, Arclife, 1999]

Wheeling [mp3 : 4.7MB]


©Jay Clarkson 2004


Last updated 12 July, 2004