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 Capital of  the minimal
J a y   C l a r k s o n

Say Cheese

So all the laughter was not for real
All those feelings you did not feel.
Forever the orphan you wait to be served
Think it is easy, well youíve got a nerve.

To be a friend is not to pretend
Did you want a mirror?

What you call shy I call a lie
The smile on your mouth does not match your eye.
I donít want to get hard.

Iím sad
Goodbye illusion
Lots of leaves on the trees
Had to happen, had to pass
See the moments
Itís all there is
Itís all there is
Itís all there is.

[The Expendables, In Between Gears, Flying Nun 1984]


©Jay Clarkson 2004


Last updated 12 July, 2004