new zealand electronic poetry centre

Pam Brown Reads in Devonport


This whole thing


bitten by the faux midge
         a raised round pinkish welt
     an imaginary link
to scratching
         the world beyond the capillary,
     a curdled blood shake
                 this whole thing,

                      a rainbow in the dark,
     solitude wrecked
                          by connectivity's
           insistent cursor
     the pestering faux midge
                        from the very bottom
of entomology's top down
                                 trophic cascade


looking at it
                who will  ever
                  the rebuses
(rebii?)                        or

the way
          Donna Haraway
canny declarative statements

'Grammar is politics by other means'
                      is one of hers

maximise your lifetime opportunity
                              get over citation

(who said that?)


American paper sizes
                     just won't


the art
            will be shipped

                 is it sexualizable?


maximise your contribution to society
                      dot connection


someone should have offered
                                     a suitable quote -

      well kids, you tried
      and you failed,
      the moral is
      'never try'
                             (The Simpsons)

      money's short
      times are hard
      here's your fucking
      academy award
                              (Hallmark copy writer)


if you support us we will give you something new
                                          fresh testosterone


                   ('homo' as in 'same')
never going elsewhere,        staying put
              in this faux midge swamp
   of perturbation,
      like a beef bird
                               too grainy to fly


this is your chance to maximise your potential
                                           give something back

put the potato chips
                            into the plastic bowl

                  they're transitory too

            (you can't advance and escape
                                                  at the same time)
stop that now -
                     take two of these before aperitifs

here in the midge world,               you're caught

                   no one's actually listening



Last updated 28 January, 2016