new zealand electronic poetry centre

Pam Brown Reads in Devonport



fractured time
on delay
ready to listen
streaming live
from the factory
of loiterature
to any dream-a-winner
to all
the glorious gibberish
clouding concentration's
thickened emissions
on a backlit greyblue screen,
you like-tick
'plagiarism is necessary to progress'
&, though irrelevant,
fleetingly remember
sleeping in your mum's car
crooked knee bent
up against the front seat,
you can document
its reconstruction
in long-form poetry
now you spend most of your time
as the dolt in residence
all over the very same map,
you'll always
have wanderlust
like a rockabilly singer
who hearts
every favourite town
with very special kisses
from several distinct
déclassé personalities
the punk the poet
the not for prophet
political protestor
politely exiting
the only crowd scene
by rolling out
across a twinkling bay
rolling out
on a rotting log




Last updated 22 December, 2015