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Desired outcome

                       'anywhere out of the world'
                                               CHARLES BAUDELAIRE


I woke up
     in an episode of Tremé Series 3,

but I could hear
       i Muvrini's Corsican songs
                              in the distance

mineral turpentine
                   clinging to my cilia -
    sticky door frame,     sticky sills

I had forgotten the half-an-onion
                                   fume deterrent


Rimbaud is 162 years old,
                         everything is going on

opening the door
                           to a ghost & his boxes -
     old books with discoloured edges -
he never looked better            just last year
                         on his album cover

dropped in the hallway,


                                      in general,
it's great to hear
          what learned people say
without doing any prior reading,
                            it's a vacation, really


I adore your think tank
     but I need the recycling service
                           really quickly


for a limited time only,
                             that's the offer
          if you want to sleep soundly,
                       as they say


Last updated 22 December, 2015