new zealand electronic poetry centre

Pam Brown Reads in Devonport


At 'The-End-of-the-World-as-we-Know-it' Retreat


now the western sky
   was as the eastern    which was
as the southern    which was
               as the northern

two yurts & a composting toilet
      lined up
in sunny sun sunshine covered
          moss & yoga

push me off
           clutch-start my libido
get this body
     right out of the neighbourhood

        you dream
your unaesthetic testimonial
  has been adopted
         as the standard in veracity

time to lie down again
on the royal stewart tartan picnic blanket
    in the shade     mottle    & so on
              the light dark leaf

at the outdoor ecocide ceremony
     feeling foul
           after completing an atavistic circuit
muddy twigs smoke out the bonfire

in the end nobody wakes you
         & you miss whatever you knew
  reeking dead frozen fish thawing rotten
                  you chuck your flux

petallic dilemma
           just change meadow to paddock
      & it will work
for   scruffy fern   calla lily   stinking roger

you should phone someone
     a fuss offensive      science can't save you
get good at collapsing


Last updated 22 December, 2015