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nzepc’s third symposium was held in Bluff and Rakiura (Stewart Island) with assistance from David Howard, Cilla McQueen and Southland community funding bodies. 22 poets travelled to Bluff and were hosted by Te Rau Aroha Marae and Toi Rakiura. Evening readings, symposium presentations, workshop collaborations and launches for webpages, a book and a CD produced a stimulating blend of electronic and live outreach. OBAN 06, our second online anthology, was launched at the final evening reading in Oban with performances by some of its 99 contributors.

As with earlier symposia, BLUFF 06 was an opportunity for poets to meet and work together with the support and interest of a local community. We are grateful to Jacqui Hodge (Te Rau Aroha) and Gwen Neave (Toi Rakiura) who provided local bridges and inspirational words.

The live-in accommodation and hosting by Te Rau Aroha Marae included formal and informal kôrero (talk) by marae members and the warmest hospitality we are ever likely to encounter. In return, poets contributed personal copies to a gift of books that was presented to Te Rau Aroha and another that was given to Toi Rakiura. Special thanks go to our speakers Jeffrey Paparoa Holman and Jeanette King for their eloquence on our behalf.

nzepc notes with sadness the drownings of 14 May 2006 which occurred in Foveaux Strait as a result of the sinking of the trawler Kotuku. An open letter to the Topi, Woods and Hayward families from the BLUFF 06 poets, crew and families was printed in the Bluff Beacon 23 May.

T H E   T A L K

T H E   P O E M S

Some of the poems generated by BLUFF 06

T H E   P I C T U R E S

Selection of photos by Brian Flaherty, Selina Tusitala Marsh, Alison Hunt and Lisa Williams

T H E   P R E S E N T A T I O N S

Papers and talks from BLUFF 06 revised for subsequent publication

O B A N   0 6

nzepc’s online poetry anthology, compiled 21-23 April 2006 as part of BLUFF 06.

T H E   K O T U K U


B L U F F I N G   A U C K L A N D  '0 6

nzepc brings BLUFF 06 back to home base for a celebration reading at Auckland Central City Library for Montana Poetry Day, Friday 21 July.


  • Kotuku memorial and waiata
  • Introducing BLUFF 06
  • OBAN 06 contributors read
  • Launch of BLUFF 06 feature and Ka Mate Ka Ora #2
  • nzepc 5th birthday cake and waiata


Cilla McQueen, Anne Kennedy and Auckland Bluffers: Tusiata Avia, Hilary Chung, Murray Edmond, Brian Flaherty, Paula Green, Alison Hunt, Michele Leggott, Therese Lloyd, Bronwyn Lloyd, Selina Tusitala Marsh, Jack Ross. Helen Sword, Lisa Williams



Diesel sounds aromatic
magenta, oxblood,
mineral smooth
any how as boronia

swivel that levers
a shoepolish lid,
key curls oily metal.
Poetry takes you apart,

puts you back different
as this day's passage
on shapeshifting water,
one to another island

swift as the stroke
of a pen the toothed strait
on the whale's path
chewed through, islets

scattered between,
text in motion
gimballed on muscling
swells, word-ware, cargo.

Cilla McQueen
Bluff 06.

E A R L I E R   S Y M P O S I A




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