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Sonja Yelich
3rd Birthday

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Yeah, well I’m not the only one in this house who watches
The Sopranos. You know – it’s a thing we just do. It’s
the way we yank over the leather couches and huddle
into our food. Probably curry. And knock back the wine.

Waiting for Tony to come onto the plasma. To the left
of the viewing area there is a Viky Garden on board.
And a Tim Wareham on about the right. Which I got
for 30 bucks when I was legal.

The couches are chocolat and scratch easy but if
necessary they can take our whole 2 bodies long ways.
Over the other side there is a music block with cds but I
do not have the Dizzy Rascal one just yet.

When Tony comes into the frame you will notice
his mood by the way he walks. Take for example
the shower scene. When he was trying out some
sawing on that dude. Who was never gonna be walking . . .

The scene I like best was the one with the fluffy dog.
Who did a lot of yipping. Tony’s nephew comes home
floating and sits fair n square on top of it. The dog is
mashed and then there is lots of yelling because Adriana ~

she loved that dog.

From Clung (Auckland UP, 2004).

      Amnesia, Lake Detox & the Great Spoilt

           Cities grow on halfsites
           & the radio is buried .
           you want to add ~
           kim hill in antarctica was It.
           thanks for the blue.
           batteries sit at dumps
           with rubber tyres
           bring back Pac Man
           & the old apple mac.

           you loved in motels
           on the mountains & summers
           were burning
           you work for a living
           & some days the UV is 9.

           whole gaps in the level
           of your thinking appeared.
           reportage could be slotted
           in a subjectline &
           the sentence was lost
           & recorded as
           Lost Sentence

     your day in your hand
     is a cellphone & poems
     with 3 words a line
     are a hit.

     icecream is over
     poetry swallows.

         how to remember the names of songs ~
                         my egos have always
                               been cowboys
                                     & eros
                                  a datsun.
                  at least that’s what you thought
                               the song said

     your memory of singing
     was a severing of music –
     a hokey karaoke dream

     nights & o’clocks
     & The Time of Your Life
     are interswappable
     & you can pre pay.

malls are called boxed-ins

getting directions in another language you hear
all hobby roads
lead to hobby city .

Nobody knew what the other hand was doing.
Talkback was a Bellbird.

               how to remember the name of a toaster ~
                              I cannot see high things.
                               dualit I love you in lights
                                heaven is an element

Coffee & Cafe
were vacant names
for internet holes

Rural Living & Mow-Down
are the names of up cars.

& plants ~
well you can forget about that.
there were filet farms.
lakes were another
drop in the ocean –
Lake Detox & the Great Spoilt

              how to remember the names of flowers ~
                               violets in the hedge
                        are not the names of cows
                    they are the scents of amnesia
     & when you’ve finished reading this
     my radio my adori
     she slept me over
     & I’m up for a new one.

     Violet Durn.

From Clung (Auckland UP, 2004).


imagine you are
the sum total
of all the music
you ever heard.
your veins say
you are the bats
& the front lawn
with the feelers
& the verlaines.
& somewhere inside
you are joy division
& the fall
you mighta been the smiths
you just never know.
& in case you’ve forgotten.
your age
turn the sound down.

From Clung (Auckland UP, 2004).

© Sonja Yelich 2004


Last updated 15 December, 2004