new zealand electronic poetry centre


3rd Birthday Feature


Celebrations and a symposium for the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre
( nzepc) at the Gus Fisher Gallery, 74 Shortland St, Auckland CBD,

16-17 July 2004.

Full programme

nzepc hosts a gathering of writers recently involved with the site for two days of readings, launches and discussion. 16 July is Montana National Poetry Day and marks three years of nzepc operation.

New on the site for 3rd Birthday:


Photo gallery

Photos from Hilary Chung, Jack Ross, John Macnamara and Graham Lindsay. AUP launches Friday 16 July


3rd Birthday Gala Reading

a public anthology for National Poetry Day

Poster for reading

13 poets read for five minutes apiece at the Gus Fisher Gallery in Auckland, 16 July 2004. Text and video


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