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Big Smoke: New Zealand Poems 1960-1975 Comment and Context

Ed. Alan Brunton, Murray Edmond, Michele Leggott.
Auckland UP, 2000




In February 1999 the first permission requests for Big Smoke were posted out with a letter explaining what the editors intended the collection to do. Contributors and others responded then and over the subsequent months as the book made its way to publication by Auckland University Press in June 2000. Post-publication response continued. Some of the commentary is archived here with the permission of those who contributed it, as context to and enrichment of the poems, the documents, the essays and the era mapped by the book. Thanks to all concerned.

An initial version was posted on the Auckland University English Department website in October 2000.

A compilation of source photocopies for the book is held in Special Collections at Auckland University. Refernce: MSS & Archives Accession no. 1101.


Michele Leggott
March 2004


Jack Body Charles Doyle Dennis List Eleanor Rimoldi
W. S. Broughton Brian Easton Vanya Lowry Nigel Roberts
Stephen Chan Martin Edmond John Macnamara Kathinka Nordal Stene
Diana Cloud (Holdom) John Esam Bill Manhire John Tranter
Christina Conrad Jennifer Levy Halford Rachel McAlpine Mark Young
Robert Creeley Rore Hapipi Heather McPherson Merlene Young
Warren Dibble Roger Horrocks Christine OBrien  

AB Alan Brunton AI  Annie Irving (AUP)
EC Elizabeth Caffin (AUP) ML Michele Leggott
ME Murray Edmond CO Christine O’Brien (AUP)



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