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Mark Young Bibliography


Books and Reviews

Painting 1950-1967. Wellington: AH & AW Reed, 1968.
Wystan Curnow, Landfall 90 (Jun 1969): 186-89.


Blues for New Lovers. Auckland: The Poets’ Co-operative, 1969.


The Right Foot of the Giant. Wellington: Bumper Books, 1999.

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Poems 1959-1975

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‘Still Life, with Mirrors,’ ‘The Cuckoo's Nest #1,’ ‘Poema Espagnol,’ ‘Premature Poem,’ ‘The Dancers,’ ‘Hymn for Lennon / Tomorrow Never Knows,’ ‘The Gaudy Image,’ ‘Rain, Rain,’ The Living Daylights (1973-74).

‘A Season in Hell’ (comp. 6.1. 74), Patterns 3 (1975). Broadsheet w. illustrations by Sasha Soldatow.

Poems 2000-

Big Smoke: New Zealand Poems 1960-1975. Ed. Alan Brunton, Murray Edmond and Michele Leggott. Auckland: Auckland UP, 2000: 42, 79, 118, 119, 119, 144, 145, 301.

After Han-Shan
Time Signal
Coming Out
My Hands Had Forgotten Lorca
The Absence
In Memoriam: Robert Desnos
A Season in Hell

Jacket 16 (Mar 2002)

   Lunch in Glebe
   George W’s Language Primer

brief 24 (Jun 2002)

   R. Desnos – an alternate outtake

Blackmail Press 4 (Jun 2002)

   A recipe
   Scar tissue
   A pause, a reflection

can we have our ball back? 11 (Jul 2002)

   The baggage card

Poetry NZ 25 (Sep 2002)

   Nemesis or: Painting by numbers

Shampoo 14 (Oct 2002)

Bald eagle
A done deal

brief 25 (Oct 2002)

The flower market - a continuity
To the mysterious woman (translation of Robert Desnos)

AnotherSun 15 (Oct 2002)

The dichotomous key
The one percent philosopher
The science lesson
Why I am not writing

Blackmail Press 5 (Dec 2002)

With Basho on the front porch
This time the heart is electronic music
The poem about the poem

Niederngasse 52 (Dec 2002)

I never did get to see Nijinsky dance

nzepc Some Recollections of Alan Brunton (Dec 2002)

A small stone for Alan Brunton’s cairn

Shampoo 15 (Dec 2002)

One thousand & one, two thousand & two

sidereality 2.1 (Jan 2003)

Left behind

Big Bridge 2.4 (Jan 2003)

The collected shorter poems of Kenneth Rexroth

muse apprentice guild (Winter [Feb] 2003)

In advance of a Busted Keaton
Seed money
Elvis has entered the building
A brief history of semiotics
I’m happy, Kerouac
Sensory perceptions
The Armory Show 7.0 (Mar 2003)

A season in Hell
Mirror / images
Mind games
As the crow flies

AnotherSun 17 (May 2003)

Self analysis
Your future lies with the letter d
The unicorn

muse apprentice guild (Spring [May] 2003)

Hunter gatherer
The widow’s lament
For the brothers Attenborough
Working the room

Moria 6.1 (Summer [Jun] 2003)

Inside & out

Another Toronto Quarterly (Spring [Jul] 2003)

The road to Damascus

can we have our ball back? 17 (Jul 2003)

Backtracking in the early nineties
All things bright &

Trout 11 (Sep 2003)

The simple white T-shirt
The Trout Fishing in America World Cup

Snow Monkey 5.6 (Sep 2003)

For Icarus / the last mirror
Cinema Sepia
Time Lapse

Snow Monkey 5.7 (Oct 2003)

Bach’s Arioso
Now’s the time

sidereality 2.4 (Oct 2003)

Causa belli

brief 28 (Oct 2003)

December 6, 2002

xStream 15 (Oct 2003)

Blank canvas
A letter to Jack Ross
Sturm und Drang
Möbius Trip

Jack 2.3 (Nov 2003)

I populate a private Europe

Pettycoat Relaxer 2 (Nov 2003)

So what

Tin Lustre Mobile 3.6 (Dec 2003)

The one poem
Losing it
The masters
I ring up The Poem Hut
The right foot of the giant
For Tu Fu
The large glass

Alba 9 (Dec 2003)

The pursuit of science
The bottom line
Mercator’s projection
Defying karma

sidereality 3.1 (Jan 2004)

The return of the Hapsburgs

Pettycoat Relaxer 3 (Jan 2004)

Chaos theory does Hollywood

xStream 18 (Feb 2004)

Series Magritte #12: The seducer
Series Magritte #13: Homage to Mack Sennett
Series Magritte #14: Perspicacity


‘Colin McCahon,’ Barry Lett Galleries Newsletter 1.1 (5 Aug 1965): [np].

‘Comments on a Questionnaire,’ Kiwi (1966): 16. AUSA.

Catalogue essay for 5 New Zealand Painters: Don Binney, Patrick Hanly, Ross Ritchie, Colin McCahon, Milan Mrkusich. Auckland: Barry Lett Galleries, Sydney: Darlinghurst Galleries, 1966, [np].

‘Love Plus Zero / No Limit,’ Ascent 1.3 (Apr 1969): 15-21. About Ralph Hotere.

‘The Twenty-First Auckland Festival,’ Landfall 90; 23.2 (Jun 1969): 134-41.

Statement for Word For / Word (2004)

‘Paracelsus: The Philosopher’s Stone Made Flesh,’ nzepc Mark Young author page (March 2004)


Editing, Publishing and Events

Experiment (1960), ed. Mark Young. VUW Lit Soc.

Argot 10-12 (1964), ed. Mark Young.

Poetry 5, Barry Lett Galleries, 29 Jun 1966. ‘The Capricorn Literary Workshop presents an evening of original and recent poetry read by Charles Doyle, CK Stead, Hone Tuwhare, Barry Crump, Mark Young, Hilaire Kirkland, Francis Pound, Owen Morgan, Roger Mitchell, Michael Jackson. Admission 4/-‘

Poetry and Blues at Barry Lett Galleries, 5 Oct 1966. ‘with the words by David Mitchell and Mark Young and the sound of the Good Time Entertainers.’

Monkey: and other happen-ings, Barry Lett Galleries, 16 Nov 1966. ‘Participants will include: David Mitchell, Mark Young, Times 4, The Good Time Entertainers.’

Sketches from Slam, Barry Lett Galleries, 13 Sep 1967. ‘Featuring Hone Tuwhare, David Mitchell & Mark Young. Included in the evening will be a series of poems by Mark Young entitled "Sketches from Slam" written during and about the poet’s incarceration in H.M. prison Mt. Eden for possession of L.S.D.’


The Poets’ Co-operative 1969

Mark Young, Blues for New Lovers. Auckland: The Poets’ Co-operative, 1969. The Poets’ Co-operative Document No. 1.

Mark Young and Marie Duckett, ed., Love / Juice 1 (1969). The Poets’ Co-operative Document No. 2. Cover designed and printed by House of Pomegranates.

Paul Campbell, ‘Zbusted Man? 68,’ ‘Song for the Crane Builders.’
Jeff Hudson, ‘Chatanooga,’ ‘Lost Carnival.’
Sengai, ‘Turnips,’ ‘An Old Man’s Excuse,’ ‘The Memorial Day of Bodidharma is coming,’
  ‘Plum    Blossoms.’ ‘(On receiving countless requests . . .)’
‘Davy Mitchell’s Trip Book: Maltese Jack.’
Mark Young, ‘Interior Pastoral,’ ‘Poem of a Morning on Another Planet.’

David Mitchell, The Orange Grove (Valencia 1962). Auckland: The Poets’ Co-operative, 1969.

[James K Baxter, The Ballad of the Stonegut Sugar Works. Auckland: The Poets’ Co-operative, 1969. Edition destroyed by printer before publication.]

Spring of the Sitar, Summer of Garlic, with Mark Young, David Mitchell and the music of the Bodley Head. The Poets’ Co-operative / Barry Lett Galleries, 26 Mar 1969.

CK Stead, Ian Wedde and Hone Tuwhare, The Poets’ Co-operative / Barry Lett Galleries, 23 Apr 1969. Hone Tuwhare also read (MY).

Bomb, The Poets’ Co-operative / Barry Lett Galleries, 29 Aug 1969. James K Baxter, David Mitchell, Mark Young.


About Mark Young

‘Book Awards Made at New Studio,’ New Zealand Herald (31 May 1969): 1/3. MY receives Rothmans Book of the Year Award for poetry at opening of Rothmans Cultural Foundation Studio in Remuera.

Robin Slade, ‘The Long Night of the Poet,’ New Zealand Herald (7 Jun 1969): 2/4. Interview.

Alan Brunton, ‘1960-69: Restoring the Commune,’ in Big Smoke: New Zealand Poems 1960-1975. Auckland UP, 1-16.

Murray Edmond, ‘Poetics of the Impossible,’ in Big Smoke: New Zealand Poems 1960-1975. Auckland UP, 19-33.


Compiled for nzepc
by Michele Leggott, Mark Young and Fredrika van Elburg
with assistance from Natalie Mahony.
22 March 2004



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