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Yang Lian

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at either end of the refugee horizon    the stars
a crystal tempest in time with you
half the sky like harvested fields
you are a grain of corn    grinding in the mill
you scan the scene    the way that enemies yearn for each other
a man walking through a century in time with the stars
drinking water on that seashore
hearing that drum    beating from the forehead to the back of the brain
stabbing skin    chiselling bones one by one into silvery white
looking at the stars you too begin to float
floating inside yourself
time differences    decaying along with the body
only in starlight does the golden ocean disclose its flesh-eating processes
half the sky the depth of remaining life
you are the other half that is chosen
when you canít help shining you canít help falling apart


© Yang Lian

Last updated 13 October, 2001