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Yang Lian

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youíre still that way    calmly walking away from an incident
one incident among so many
one day among so many neglected months and years
as rotten fields remove your shoes once again
snow    sustains you on frostbitten toes

the dayís overcast, grey, but doesnít look like snow
only your coldness moves from life towards death
past events are silent    canít leave footprints in the snow
old clothes are always modest    just the way the wooden cots of the dead
slip to the sea from below another pair of bodies making love
no other incident can happen in a past one
a lifetime of mistakes    stand like towering trees on a mountain
more distantly white than snow
that bone walks out of you
the days walk out of the bone    you
are thrown away, one behind the other

seeing each other as so many uninhabited moonbeams


© Yang Lian

Last updated 13 October, 2001