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Kendrick Smithyman: Selected Bibliography

Peter Simpson

1. Published Collections of Poetry

Seven Sonnets, Pelorus Press, 1946

The Blind Mountain, Caxton Press, 1950

The Gay Trapeze, Handcraft Press, 1955

The Night Shift (with James K. Baxter, Charles Doyle and Louis Johnson), Capricorn Press, 1957

Inheritance, Paul, 1962

Flying to Palmerston, Auckland University Press, 1968

Earthquake Weather, Auckland University Press, 1972

The Seal in the Dolphin Pool, Auckland University Press, 1974

Dwarf With a Billiard Cue, Auckland University Press, 1978

Stories About Wooden Keyboards, Auckland University Press, 1985

Are You Going to the Pictures?, Auckland University Press, 1987

Selected Poems, edited by Peter Simpson, Auckland University Press, 1989

Auto/Biographies, Auckland University Press, 1992

Tomarata, with an Afterword by Peter Simpson, The Holloway Press, 1996

Atua Wera, Auckland University Press, 1977


2. Critical Prose

A Way of Saying: A Study of New Zealand Poetry, Collins, 1965


3. Books Edited

William Satchell, The Land of the Lost, Auckland University Press, 1971

William Satchell, The Toll of the Bush, Auckland University Press, 1985

Greville Texidor, In Fifteen Minutes You Can Say A Lot, Victoria University Press, 1987


4. Articles and Assorted Prose

'A Note on "Of Death By Water"', NZ Poetry Yearbook II, 1952, pp. 93-95

'A Reading of Goblin Market', Landfall VIII (1954), 278

'Dark Horses Capering', New Zealand Poetry Yearbook IV, 1954, pp. 87-89

'Writers in New Zealand: A Questionnaire', Landfall XIV (1960), 68

'Post War N. Z. Poetry: I. The Sublime and the Romantic', Mate 8, December 1961, pp. 27-36

'Post War N. Z. Poetry: II. The Road to Academe', Mate 9, May 1962, pp.34-44

'Post War N. Z. Poetry: III. The Clayless Climate', Mate 10, December 1962, pp. 29-42

'Post War N. Z Poetry: IV. The True Voice of Feeling', Mate 11, July 1963, pp. 31-48

Note introducing the selection from his poems in Recent Poetry in New Zealand, ed Charles Doyle, Collins, 1965 , p.p. 163-164

'The common experience, the common response', Journal of Commonwealth Literature, VI (1971), 6

Afterword to The Young NZ Poets, ed. Arthur Baysting, Heinemann, 1973

'A Sort of Poet Too' (Frank Sargeson), Islands 21, Spring 1977, pp. 299-302

' Singing to the Ancestors: Some aspects of present poetry in NZ', Journal Of Commonwealth Literature, XVII, 1982, pp. 28-44

'About Books About Fairburn About', Islands 36, November 1985, pp. 143-55

'Introduction' to Starveling Year by Mary Stanley, Auckland University Press, 1994


5. Some Reviews by Smithyman

M.K. Joseph, Imaginary Islands, Landfall, V (1951), 146

Pegasus New Zealand Poets (Campbell, Johnson, Wilson, Witheford), Here & Now (March 1952), 37-38

Keith Sinclair, Songs for a Summer, Here & Now (April 1953), 32

James K. Baxter, The Fallen House, Here & Now (June 1953), 31

Charles Brasch, The Estate, Here & Now (September 1957), 30

Denis Glover, Since Then, Landfall, XI (1957), 262

Hubert Witheford, The Lightning Makes a Difference , Comment 13 (October 1962), 40


6. Interview

Kendrick Smithyman interviewed by MacDonald P. Jackson in In the Same Room: Conversations with New Zealand Writers, edited by Elizabeth Alley and Mark Williams, Auckland University Press, 1992 (also in Landfall 168, December 1988, pp. 403-20)


7. Some Uncollected Poems

'Emblems, A Casual Shire', Landfall IV, 221

'Journey Towards Easter', Landfall V, 268

'Of Death By Water', NZ Poetry Yearbook, II, 1952, pp. 69-78

'Elegy Against a Latter Day', Landfall VII, 99

'Discourse on Settlement', Landfall VIII, 15

'Seven Poems from the Fifties', Landfall 185 (New Series I), 1993, 42-45


8. Some Articles About Smithyman

Robert Chapman, 'An Approach to the Poetry of Kendrick Smithyman', NZ Poetry Yearbook V, 1955, 90

John Geraets, 'Kendrick Smithyman and Brasch's Landfall' Landfall XL (1986), 443-457

Reginald Berry, 'Hard Yakker: Kendrick Smithyman's Colorless Green Ideas' Landfall XLII (1988), 388-402

Murray Edmond, 'Divagations: Kendrick Smithyman's Poetry', Landfall XLII (1988), 447-456

Peter Simpson, Introduction to Selected Poems, AUP, 1989, 9-20

Gregory O'Brien, ĎA journey around Kendrick Smithyman's Atua Wera, Landfall 194 (Spring 1977), 306-321


9. Bibliography

J.E.Weir and Barbara Lyon, New Zealand Poetry: A Select Bibliography 1920-1972, The Library, University of Canterbury, 1977, pp. 437-459

The New Zealand Literature File, University of Auckland Library,


Peter Simpson, chronologies and indexes in typescript


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