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Kendrick Smithyman: Collected Poems [D] 
Index of first lines: poems 1943-1995



Sadly to question [Mourn, fool, and we kiss, 1948]
sailing out of Melbourne, bosun [with strong slow motion to calm caverns swept, 1983]
Salt on a doorstep held [Salt, 1971]
Say prickly pears had roots which found out water [Evangelist, 1943]
Say that I talk in riddles [A riddle at Christmas, 1971]
Say, close by Buda, thousand are the unstrung [Serenade, 1953]
Scan them, shadows which crouch [Notturno, 1949]
Scarred bridge wears out more gray [Dried out station, 1971]
Scavenger cloud, a knowing old crow [Mulcahy’s complaint, 1951]
School of Horticulture plantings long since drank [Tourism, 1981/2]
Schools did not own projectors [Silent movies: Educational, 1985]
Scouting the veld Father saw a lone rider [He travels fastest who travels alone, 1983]
Scratchmark [Scratchmark, 1983]
"Scrawny," she said of herself, unjustly [Of herself, 1970s]
Scud sprinted blind, rigging shrill aloft [Sealers and Whalers, 1944]
Sea creatures at sundown [Easby in Swaledale, 1969]
Sea mist, a skyful of breakers landward [Founding the province: a centenary pageant, 1944]
Seas scuttle across the boulders [Cascade, 1948]
Seawol, Whale, Bear, Beaver and Raven... [Theatre piece, 1981/2]
see the leopard [A song of experience how may the blind, 1989 ]
Seems was no question at all [Point of debate, 1981/2]
Sentinel goes a damp morning [Waking to sirens in winter, 1950]
Sequins, their shadings, spark Atlantis lost [Atlantis may be six feet under, 1943]
Seven angels were seven churches [In 1989 of Satan, Adam, and the Laocoon plate, 1989]
Seven inches in two years. Like sighing [Like sighing, it renews, 1965]
Seymour was Angus’s best friend [Rite de paysage, 1986]
Shabbier than a frontier ought to show [Vignettes of the Maori Wars, 1958]
Shags, they say an occasional white [Incident at Matauri, 1951]
Sharp as hard-edged mineral that light [Promise, 1983]
Sharp wind around corners, in the courtyard [Sharp wind years ago (2), 1987]
Sharp wind breezing in from Marin County [Sharp wind years ago (1), 1987]
Sharp wind did the damage, was aftermath, [Sharp wind years ago (3), 1987]
She’s a real doll this [Give this baby doll a name, 1986]
She hangs over me from her absence [Occasions, 1951]
She is Luna’s daughter, of that family [Woman further along the road, 1970s]
She lay all night between the hot wind’s hands [Return to Exile, 1945]
She locks her season [Poem for a winter birth, 1948]
She must go among them, pressing [The journey, 1948]
She not out to contend for any [About valuing and the Cote de Beaune, 1993]
She remembers she hadn’t thought of it [Gardeners, 1986]
She rode away , Lawrence’s woman [Woman who rode away, 1971]
‘...She was amiable in the highest degree’ [Case of Mrs F.T, 1981/2]
She wears glasses [Opposite, 1969]
Shock of recognition or [Shock treatment, 1981/2]
Shocking, to realise how little you remember [Place, 1983]
Shot round every which way wind furrows [Southwest of summer, 1956]
Shots from a government vineyard, somebody [Shots from a government vineyard, 1989]
Should death sing each his due [Should death sing each, 1949]
Should I serve up a breakfast for somebody’s daughter [A song of innocence: Morning song for Hecate, 1989]
Should this blood sing a death away from me? [Should this blood sing, 1949]
Showers of hail beating their way back [Wednesday, 1958]
Sigbørn Wilderness and Martin Trumbaugh [Through the Panama, 1981/2]
Sigh for a crooked Caesar hugging [Sigh for a crooked Caesar, 1951]
Signalling to the Cherokee [Smoke for where there's fire, 1971]
Silence, which goes deliberate [Friar Lawrence’s farewell, 1953]
Sing me a black trio while the ribbon runs [Gusty day at the typewriter, 1954]
Single I walked out on this track [Songs from Holbein’s Dance of death, 1951]
‘Sins of waste-thrift and prodigality’ [Guthrie-Smith’s Tutira, midmorning, 1983]
Six days of seven rain came with morning [Beachhaven, 1951]
Skeleton of a motor mower on iron crutches [Mower: Ruapekapeka, 1984?]
Skillsaw and concretemixer take time off [Housing Scheme, 1981/2]
Skyward, well-wishing my words [Skywar..., 1945]
Sleep, make your compacts [Getting to sleep, 1971]
Slow flame, smouldering summer day [Slow flame, 1944]
: snows of otherwise/otherwhere petal by [Wo ist der schnee, 1981/2]
So little (perhaps, not meant to get understood [Tern, 1958]
So many years disadvantaged [Disadvantaged, 1985]
Soft focus backdrop is obscure [My portrait 1945 for Mum, 1988]
Some won’t allow visitors into their garden [Visiting hours and Il re pastore, 1987]
Some young chap will approach [Exchange, 1984]
Somebody else’s fascination, true [The spaceman’s complaint, 1971]
Somebody licensed the mad [On the road to Dunkirk, 1987]
Someone determined the highway should [Seventy years, 1983]
Someone in a pub [Eating, 1984]
Someone spoke to me of sin [Song in a fashion holy for a young lady of moderate means, 1946]
someone tries to work through me [Walking campus, 1981/2]
Somerset Maugham was a celebrity [Bit players, 1985]
Something is going wrong [The trouble with my I, 1992]
Something paid off at the right time [Fitting out, 1983]
Something, perhaps the way his beer tasted [Vision, 1984]
Somewhere I read how, long since oh very [Parable of two talents, 1959]
Somewhere in this excited month a not so young [Small sonata, 1975]
Somewhere inside the textbook said [Somewhere inside, 1965]
Somewhere, away inland, that we decay [Gathering the toheroa, 1956]
Songs which are made by cicadas climb [Wayside, 1971]
South, along Route One, main highway [South, along route one, 1965]
Southerly, mercantile, fathered [Southerly, 1943]
Speak me a truth more sombre than impressed [Speak me a truth more, 1947]
Special this day breaking out with birds [Any day now, 1945?]
Spontaneous—that’s how people like to see it [Travelling south, 1972]
Springs of morning, winter clear, endow [From Wyuna, 1965]
Springtime a young man’s fancy lightly [Called to their colours, 1983]
Spruce, fir, Corsican pine, their underworld [Culsh earth-house, 1970]
St John’s fine gateway, Lady Margaret’s tower [St John’s Gate, 1969]
Starlings belt in and out of phoenix palms [Coastal, 1989]
Starlings brawl; they shout Holy! Holy! [Seeing first light, hearing how day breaks, 1975]
Static with frost moonlight spreads [Cold song, 1951]
Stay from Tabacco and such drying things [Epithalamial pieces for J/R, 1984?]
Stiff work for hands or will, they drove [Sonnets for migrants 1, 1944]
Still, cousin, a little elbowroom’s in hell [A Jacobean afterdinner story, 1954]
Streetlights throw nest which fail to meet [To get together to know one another, 1981/2]
Strung out beyond, aligned with, that escarpment [O Sion's Daughter, Where Art Thou?, 1981/2]
subscribe [untitled: subscribe, 1986]
Suddenly islands declare [Arrival at noon, 1950]
Sullenly brave wild trumpets rise to flower [Five frog pieces: Here, there, 1967/70s]
Sunday is blight, arrest, paralysis [Promissory note, 1969]
Suppose that you are anxious [St Mary’s, Beverley, 1971]
Susan had been known to say [Susan in a fur coat, 1981/2]
Sweet Mystery of life at last [Dominions Day, 1987]
Sweetheart, our island [Between two seas, 1944]
Swing left from rugose mud scars, cut spillway where yellow machine [Puhoi, 1956]
Switching from a main highway [Side issue, 1971]
Sylvia! Sylvia! the activist/feminist poet [Sylvia, 1983]

Tainui’s anchor stone keeps its proper distance [Elders: Pomare, 1983]
Take a list of acceptances, start reciting [Horses for courses, 1983?]
Taking a beer with Mike in a hammer [At Oak Bay, 1981/2]
Tall dark and handsome, as people used [Group, 1984]
Taller than my city’s hills [Off again for Ithaca, 1945]
Te Rangi Hiroa is sleeping [Elders: Te Rangi Hiroa/Buck, 1983]
Teatree, and what goes with teatree [Lake Ohia, 1988]
Teeth snatched at an austere gap [Hayrake, 1971]
ten-year-old girl in a red print and pigtails [A sketch in autumn, 1957]
Tenderly towards morning, he began his song [Sonnet tenderly towards morning, 1955]
Test papers, examination scripts [Marking papers, 1986]
that blizzard-ridden winter. Everyone tried [even the blustering surge forgot to rave, 1983]
That month, deceit’s accomplice, spread a sheer [Lady likely to be for burning, 1950s?]
That night ill clouds broke cover raging [Small piece in form of prayer, 1954]
That notable Pole, their pianist [Stories about wooden keyboards, 1970s]
That original gift is first taken [Science Fiction, 1970s]
That sound which silence makes you all may hear [Cousin Emily and the night visitor, 1955]
That, I do not see. This I may see [Telling the true tale, 1970s]
The beaver doesn’t give a damn [Untitled: The beaver..., 1970s]
The bird which bears our branchy future flies [Anzac ceremony, 1947]
The black bug shines. We hear this [Private Eyes, 1993]
The Cardinals pass knowledgeably out [Precincts of the marble faun, 1953]
The Charitable Aid Board gave out [Untitled, 1983?]
The Chelsea figure, her skirts [Offering to a local figure, 1958]
the Chiswick Arms, multinational [Up Yonge Street (3), 1981/2]
The church is comfortably Anglican [Cookham Church and yard, 1993]
The cloud, the man, the dream are locked [The cloud, the man, the dream, 1947]
The driver introduces himself [Going to the Cape, 1988]
The edge went soured with element [Muriwai 1957, 1957]
The elephant [Untitled: The elephant, 1995]
The face of Uenuku does not shine [Devolving rainbows, 1989]
The first Labour Government was in office [Looking Backwards, 1983]
The fish of trinity [Tintern, 1969]
The gamesome young man on his flying trapeze [Tent show on the green, 1954]
The Harbour was bridged. Fires went slack [Life styles: Shoal Bay and precincts, 1986]
‘The headmistress of my kindergarten was [Schooling, 1985]
The High Romantic, its bleak affluent face [High romance, 1983]
The hull which speaks me under [Grave by Grafton, 1948]
The king of Italy was in trouble [Statements of facts after Reds, 1985]
The Maiden Stone [Maiden Stone, Aberdeenshire, 1969]
The man next door had more than one section [Diversifying, 1983]
The Navy wouldn’t have him [Alec 2, 1983]
The parson bird moped in a furry tree [The feast of pentecost, 1952]
The picture, however silly, has sometimes coyly appealed [Problems and temptations of responsibility, 1956]
the puzzle was [Of marrying (1), 1989]
The Queen of Fairies, who is wicked, rode [Tam Lin pursued, 1954]
the question was [Of marrying (2), 1989]
The railway station at Jo’burg [Looking at Picture Post, 1983?]
The ravelled line of one month frays, it breaks [Come Sunday, come Monday, 1945]
The road falls away. Soon, will be no more seal [Bird Bay: ‘As Adam early in the morning’, 1989]
The rowdy [August at the Cirque d’Hiver, 1957]
The spider (You know this [Bestiary piece, 1989]
The State’s at war, where the front forms [Reflections from Golden Gate (1), 1969]
The town was not in one piece [Armentières, 1983?]
The Traders’ Company opened to supply [Boxing day or something, 1971?]
The Union Steamship Company sailed regularly [Miss Emily (2), 1981/2]
The West Coast, delicately imprecise [Fish flesh and good red herring, 1983]
The weta, male, conceals his balls [Nature note, 1950s]
The whole house smelt of summer baking [After the armistice, 1993]
The witnesses wait [The suffering witness, 1946]
The wounded press their faces [Train, 1947]
The wounds of love renew [Wounds of love, 1950]
The year failed into misery [The year failed..., 1983]
Theatre of the World [Theatrum orbis, 1993]
Their bum broad as their vowels [Address to the journeymen and womenfolk, 1969]
Their crater damned [Island recollection, 1948]
Their names are Minka and Nikau [Etchings and acquatints: some months of Gary Tricker's cat calendar, 1988, 1987-89]
Their world is anarch, fluent liberty [Mulgrave, on the fish, 1953]
Theme for one afternoon [Theme, 1945]
Then I had gone indeed [Solitary cell, Kingston, 1950]
Then it was coming night, that in-between [Latest of the day, 1956]
Then Robert Kemp straddled the dolphin [Kemp’s passing, 1953]
Then simpleminded fish together [For Andries, 1956]
Then would the begging word hold? [Then, 1949]
There are rhythmical contractions of the uterus [On first looking into Grantly Dick Read, 1951]
There is one park and one park only [Works of hands 1, 2, and downtown, 1984]
These annual festivals of ours [Festivals, 1970s]
They bring earliest phrases of evening [Herd, 1971]
They came in from the farms [Massey's cossacks, 1983?]
They came three years after the Treaty [untold tales, 1987]
They do not use the language of Degas [Papeete, 1981/2]
They exhort no one to be good [Wallflowers, 1953]
They look after me, to reprove. They ask [Walking towards Carmel, 1978]
They never had it so good along [One night stand, 1981/2]
They never made love in that room [Still life with rooms, 1974]
They remembered an old man leaning [Signing, 1988]
They say his coast was rarely civil [Thinking of Otto Petterson, 1954]
They shine through even a so damp and vision [Christ Church yard, 1984, 1984]
They told me, Hairy Clitoris—oh frigid was the word [Piece after another style, 1987]
They wander a hurt city. Nothing replies [Lovers, 1946]
They went to visit the painter [Modal, 1989]
They were like rumour, heard beyond hills [The invaders, a perspective, 1954]
They will reject him as they rejected me [Journey towards Easter, 1951]
Thin mouthorgan music [Landscape with figures, 1950?]
Things a young person should know [Things a young person..., 1983?]
Things one didn’t get the hang of [Knitting, 1983]
Thirst rages where you least expect [Thirsting, 1985?]
Thirty of forty minutes before daybreak [After the last examiners’ meeting, 1970]
This [A birthday poem, 1985]
This [Not a birthday poem, 1986]
This blonde girl carries sorrow on her shoulder [This blonde girl air with variation, 1946]
This cunning sir is not your gentleman [Words for Mister Music, 1957]
This family came of age on gravel beds [Living in the West Riding, 1969]
This forenoon, young—that’s the sense of it—[A difficult evidence, 1966]
This is a political parable [Parables, 1989]
This is not eminently about the novel [A passage to India, 1985]
This is the good life (they said). We go to haul [Field study, an epilogue, 1952]
This old man he played one [Knickknackfolksong, 1978]
This was the place where Philip Larkin had [Reading motion: Wellington 1969 revisited, 1994]
This was when [Making sense, 1993]
This way justice (you here tell) serves [Prospector, 1953]
This we are always being told is hard [This is the fiftieth year of W.B. Yeats being dead, 1988]
Those who wear spines or armour [Zoo, 1957]
Thought, passing by that night [Liverpool Street, 1944?]
Thousands of men in the big stalag near Memel [Prisoners, 1984]
Three years now, pottering the east [Wanting, 1970]
Time for another breeze to wheel in off the lake [God Rest You Merry at Halloween in Hamilton, Ontario, 1981/2]
Time in your maiden head [Time in your maiden head, 1947]
Time is no time: and the place no place... [Below Whenuapai, 1950]
Time, sweeping, desolates [To be absent without leave, 1944]
Tinctures of autumn taint the hour, we spoil [Mister Virgil in his latter days, 1953]
Tired of their summer skill [Marina, 1970s]
To be broken, to be brought down [Demolishing the farmhouse, 1957]
To be expected, when Mr Segedin went [Not Marin's story, 1984?]
To cap it all, and sundry [Procession, 1970, 1970s]
To go, as beasts may go [What do I get from the estate?, 1958]
To her among those storms [To guide infirm misgiving, 1946]
To keep one’s powder dry, live safely [To keep one’s powder dry, 1957]
"To live your life is not as simple [After Zhivago, 1977]
To make a green soup, you [Eating Out, 1981/2]
‘To Philosophize, is to Learn how to Dye.’ [The art of Florio, 1952]
To swagger like that—aggressive [Wind rider, 1974]
To tell a story [To tell a story, 1969]
To wake up from dozing, to look up channels [Provincial piece, 1970s]
Tom Taradeedol meeting with Monky Dones [Taradeedol, Dones, 1953]
Tonight the same old perverse crumplehorn cow [For Martin Bell, poet, 1969]
Tonight, Donne says, you shall put on [A little marriage song for Juliet, 1960?]
Topping their black iron-sand mounds, see them [Where Waikawau stream comes out, 1970]
Torn sea, if only as the wind makes [Felled macrocarpas, 1957]
Touch upon the sudden nerve [Market Piece, Waterloo, 1981/2]
Towards midday ropes tighten; now an axe [Dropping the tree, 1951[
Travel broadens outlook [Summer of '82, 1983]
travellers to a modest city [We, 1950]
Tree, paddock, river: plan [Inheritance, 1946-53]
Trick of light, not a chipmunk. Tidal gloom rising [Tomorrow shall be my Dancing Day in Hamilton, Ontario, 1981/2]
Trinity Fellows’ garden, a damp evening [Trinity, May 1873, 1988]
Truculent Summer, marched to discipline [A condition of Spring, 1958]
Try as I may I cannot convincingly [Heads, 1989]
Tubby Saint Francis wagged his beard and jawed [May tree variations, 1953]
Twelve days working up at Allery [Allery, 1983?]
twenty years ago There was snow [Elegy For the unknown postman, 1988]
Twenty-one years, several wars, since [Not a poem for armistice day 1966, 1966]
Twilight at noon [The simple life in New Zealand, 1886, 1971]
Two suicides, not in the one season [Waikato railstop, 1958]
Two, sitting late at night, hear sudden hail [Two sitting late at night, 1956]
Typically male, and type of [Not teaching, only being taught, 1986]

Umpteen years in India, twenty-something of them [The boss at Dreketi, 1983]
Uncouth, nibbling waters limp to spill [Northern story, 1951]
Under the glassy cool translucent wave [Prescribed works, proscribed characters, 1970s]
underground, yes, six feet, less [Cahiers de minuit, 1951]
Unholy Innocent, tumble your cloud [Larkfall, thunder, 1956]
Unimpressive shard, carried home from a dig [A chip of marble, 1971]
Unlikely burden, discomforting the air [Dvorak, Quintet no. 3 in E flat major, 1958]
Unmediated elegance, plain [Law, streets, 1969]
Unpin, let fall your hair, my dear [Invitation, 1946]
unsuccessful poets casually meeting [Up Yonge Street (2), 1981/2]
Unusual noises were heard closing on clouds [Four flights of fancy: (1) Going up and down, 1989]
Up on the border/over the border [King Solomon's Mines, 1983]
Uplift in either declension of spirit [Flight of fancy, 1959]
Upriver Father met Solomon Islanders [Upriver, 1983]

Vacant blue, altogether superior air [High noon and after, 1978]
Variety of witness (this was Saturday night) [Saturday Night, 1981/2]
Venus, sea daughter, sea bride [Sentimental piece for our lost youth, 1953]
Virtue of it! To glisten, sleek [Lament for a North Island Land Association, 1971]
Visible prison was over the road [Boston Road, 1983]
Voices on a breeze at end of day [Falling tide, 1989]
Voyagers festered but made of it [Cathay, 1953]

Wake from your creased sleep, turn to me [The morning watch, 1951]
Waking to mourning was the day before [Two aubades (1), 1954]
Waking, the very first morning [Waking, 1971?]
Waldo said to her: every natural process is a version of a [Miss Emily (5)], 1981/2]
Walk me to Paradise Garden. It would [One Sunday about the Long River, 1978]
Walk out to the ocean mark [Hole in the ground, 1971]
Walk past those houses on a Sunday morning [Walk...1943]
War’s for real, no backs to benches [Silent Movies: Instructional, 1985]
Warning water’s illhumour, hear a gull go [Stormalong, 1950s?]
was [All these very long centuries my cousin, 1984]
was from a German missionary [Elders: Baucke, 1983]
Was it a great Deliverer they expected? [Sonnets for migrants 3, 1944]
Was it a woman, was it a child? [Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, 1969]
was lambasted by Harry Holland [Tom Young, 1983?]
wasn’t much fun [Henderson, 1983]
Watch out for black ice, is waiting [Today with anchors, 1993]
Wave them goodbye, the Christmasses we knew [From their fond shore, 19447]
We communicate. We do not say [Communicating, 1966]
We conform, but we may salute [Mr Moriarty and the ferry, 1959]
We mope like addicts of a heavy flesh [Viewing the swans, 1953]
We rode, usually hacks on hire [Horsing about, 1983?]
We sat in a room of Prince’s Street today [Visiting the first floor, 1945]
We see them, yes. You see them too [What we saw pathetically, 1967]
We went to Seal Bay. Seal Bay is building [Holiday homes, Seal Bay, 1989]
we were fiddling with our cameras [A Short Story Somehow Wanting Depth of Field, 1981/2]
We were two who could be many, or one [Later, 1946]
We weren’t old enough for blue movies [Silent movies: Blue movies, 1985]
We who do not belong in and from [Closedown, 1983?]
Weathers being as they are [Outlooks, 1957]
Weekends Tiff’s parents took them all [Screen plays 1/2/3, 1986]
Welcome swallows scrawl their names along [Just one April morning by the channel, 1994]
Well, it was (as they say) a fair haven [Commentary, 1958
were bluecollar/whitecollar households [Environs of Grange Park with Figures, 1981/2]
Western ocean's cunning [Kirititehere, 1970s]
What any soft toy most enjoys [Soft toys in several sorts of clothes, 1987]
What do they do for amusement [Tradition and the individual backache, 1984]
What does a traveller see, looking north [Bream Bay, 1945]
What does it take to make a man [Jack Banner washes his hands of the city, 1950s?]
What I'd like to think [Constitution Hill and thereabouts, 1986]
What is it that giraffes die of readily? [Giraffes, 1988]
What more dear than I tell is [What more dear than I tell, 1947]
What most women do and do [Pasiphae’s daughters, 1959]
What on that day? The mulatto, Sue, piled [The exploration to relate, 1948]
What once was colder than a statue's eyes [The weeping face, 1946]
What palace corridor does she tenant [Elders: Rinaua/Lindauer, 1983]
What your gift is endures [The knife edge, 1946?]
What, if anything, happened in 1911? [New year’s eve 1911/12; a local history, 1987]
Whatever became of Kansas City? [For the record: the Chapman fortieth, 1986]
Whatever made that range of hills fall over? [Whoever, 1970s]
Whatever mountains, they were all up in the sky [In Ontario, 1981/2]
When angels visited mostly they stood around [Launching, 1988]
when he arrived was so young he didn’t [Ed Gus, 1981/2]
When he set off in the afternoon [Frank, 1984]
"When I was little..." oh dear, he’s at it [Terrorists, 1988]
"When the wind sits in the right quarter [Baylys Beach, 1993]
When in the first meetings then [First meeting, 1946]
"When Moyle retired they found a desk [Peter Durey’s Story, 1984?]
When they close the chocolate factory [Closing the chocolate factory, 1988]
When they were all bedded down at Okaihau [Debts, 1988]
When this grew it grew as a suburb of [Trace elements, 1985]
When we were students, that was when [Revisiting VE Day, 1994]
When will the blind mountain bend [The blind mountain, 1947]
When? For how long? He ran a cutter [Fragment, 1983?]
Where (if haphazard) insight refines, the South [South, 1947]
Where cultures and fallacies meet [Rewa River, 1969]
Where of a Sunday morning, no bells are [Sunday morning, 1956]
Where the fair was pitched [For Kate Barnard, painter, 1969]
Where the sou’west fossicked lately an austere [Recitative and Adam’s air, 1953]
Where was David Balfour? He was needed [Visitor two, 1983]
While bald philosophers essayed their times’ [An appetite for reality, 1958]
Whistlestop for river boats, hardly more [Keeping in Touch, 1983]
Whit Monday, wetting everybody’s pants [A mask for Dimitrios, 1969]
White plum blossoming, California lilac in flower [Harassing the virgin, 1989]
Whitest of all wealthy rabbits, Harvey,[Whitest of all wealthy rabbits, 1986]
Who hears a bout of bugles in an hour [Recruits 1899, 1983?]
Wholly day stood mute at sill [Wholly day stood mute, 1950]
Whom too malicious winters’ stooping powdered [Old folks at the home, 1957]
Why should they unsettle us watching them stalk [Night walkers, 1951]
William the bastard Norman knew [Ripon, 1969]
William Williams pranced before his Lord [Danse, 1986]
Willows you remember huddled together [The thing itself, 1966]
Wind in their teeth on a Toutu Tour [About being in love, 1988]
Wind shakes compacted lilac from her sill [Widow’s walk, 1954]
Windowful of cabbage roses [A windowful of roses, 1969]
Windowpane, false-seeming glass, deepened [Five frog pieces: Welcoming new members, 1976]
Windsurfers board riders wetsuit people [Windsurfers..., 1984]
Winter in England hiho! the faded holly [English winter, 1969]
Winter was coming, which didn’t much console [Pests, 1986]
Winter, at least definitively ended, left [Double exposure, 1971]
Witching hours in an Old Men’s Home slumped under [Marking Time with Seth Thomas, 1984]
With a click like a sprocket nicking [Newsreels, 1974]
With a third wing I spell [Partisan Journey, 1947]
With no subject [With no, 1978]
Within a glistening eye [Mirror prospect, 1947]
Without [Ampney St Mary, 1969]
Without a whimper. Rather more, a bang [Case Histories, 1965]
Without trailing any words like bubbles [Carp, 1989]
Wonderful! basses growled to fan [King’s College Chapel, 1969]
Worcester: At fourteen or sop Father was [Marking man, 1983]
working space at home lacks working [Charles with a growing family wanting, 1981/2]
Would Mr Forster come to lunch next day? [July 1922, 1987]
Wraiths among cypresses [Reflections from Golden gate (2), 1969]
Wright set the scene, framed that age apart [Retrospective show, Auckland painting, 1956]

Yachts in the Basin veer [Streetcorner preachers, 1945?]
Yakima Canutt is dead [Death of a stuntman, 1986, 1986]
Yellowdog sun [End of year, 1959]
Yesterday fish and chips at a runaway [Looking backwards, 1974]
You are in love. You do not hear [What the night said, 1945]
You draw in deep [Clair de lune, 1988]
You exclaim. Who, if any [Inlet, 1971]
You fly into the varieties [Frankfurt, 1969]
You grave sad silence in the nearest midnight [You grave sad silence, 1946]
you have not [Untitled: you have not, 1987]
You need—indeed, you cannot avoid that—[27 January, 1967]
You should not try telling a back-run year [All Hallows Eve, 1956]
You stoop over totara plank, you chisel [For Paki, 1987]
You type a paper [Other worlds, 1971]
You won’t pass that way unseen [Theirs / a caveat for common cursitors, 1970]
Young scarecrows homing from their games [No penny for the guy, 1951]
Your conjunctive musics scan [For the wedding day of Jonathan and Gillian Bennett..., 1957]
Your players put their darkness safely by [Toys, 1956]
Your Poet, thrust by thrust and grunt on grunt [Act of homage, 1970s]


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