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Kendrick Smithyman: Collected Poems [D] 
Index of first lines: poems 1943-1995



Habinger rushed in hellbent to tell us [Coming, 1988]
had in mind a one time [Timothy, 1981/2]
Had our Gulf suddenly sprung back its tide [New year’s day, 1956]
Had they noticed, I was Child [Theorem, of strategies, 1971]
Halt, man. The mouse’s and the sparrow’s voice [Just an evening in the ranges, 1955]
Hammers tock! from ledge to ledge [Farmers, 1971]
Hand me down: distant foster family’s charity [Dressing up: ‘Thou shalt dwell in houses thou has not builded’, 1989]
Hard up against a grass slope [January tenting, 1970]
have a pair of wings [Imitations of Neruda, 1970s]
He didn’t put everything into his book [Educating: The getting of wisdom, 1985]
He does a lot of social work in whatever time [Period of adjustment, 1981/2]
He frowns in his cave which is a style of death [Second sermon on the Auckland Van Dyck, 1951]
He had a Basuto pony [Horsetrading: stallions, 1983?]
he is born victim whom the lean times predict [Die Bauernhochzeit, 1945]
He lived at home with his Mum [Klynham, 1983]
He lived with a sister [Birdman, 1984]
He reads in Country Life of a debate [Mister Larking’s nocturnal, 1977]
He scrambles the observant hill [Breaking in hill country, 1945]
He sends her a narrative more rare than [Five frog pieces: Fabling, 1970s]
He takes them, forms with supple tones, as one. [Someone explodes his sight, 1948]
He thinks himself, a man of Roman virtues [Poem against imperialist, 1988]
He told them [Regardless, 1984]
he was something else [Jack Lee Now, 1983]
He went back to sea [Back, 1984?]
Headstrong bigboned wind addles curtains. [To shame not one of you, 1970s]
heart, the valuable acre, call [Negative of negation, 1953]
Heat all day, since before sunup [Heat, 1970s]
Henry Young was ashamed of having feelings [Young Henry Young, 1993]
Her silver stich looped nine lives—for what? [Mister Macnever, 1953]
here of a sunday morning [Pastoral, 1986]
Heresiarch, swarthly played to bed [Heresiarch, 1957]
Hills know about record of violent forests [Anatomie of abuses, 1988]
His book, the last but one [Last but one, 1995]
His brothers named him Sticks [Uncle Arthur, 1983]
His head, that was from a drawing [Survivors, 1987]
His mother’s burred voice tries [Outsider, 1950]
His number was 14524 [For the Record, 1983?]
His war, where, how long since? Balloons above [Refugee Album, 1948]
Homesick? What else did you expect? [Homesick, 1969]
How apt some people are at making [Communion, 1981/2]
How did he [Writing Letters, 1983]
How did he come to be radical [This Isn't Right, 1983]
How far old Japan! Black scarab [Up Yonge Street (1), 1981/2]
How is she loved, that I should call her mine? [How is she loved..., 1948]
How many have known what Willy knew [Yellow book blue movie: the secret passion of Willy and Diana, 1977]
How should I say what silence in this year [How should I say, 1948]
How small our Life and Times becomes [Résumé, 1994]
How Time contrives his victims to their plot [The victims, 1953]
How unlikely it seemed that one should be able [Michael, at fifty, 1992]
However duck go spanking [February spills the creek, 1958]
Humility their intent, due [Pioneers, 1951]
Hungrily treading low tide’s stalemated mudflats [Small port, 1945]

I’m not going to try describing that run [Deconstructing, 1983]
I asked my mother for fifteen cents to see [Prospect: Elizabeth S. with roosters at Albany, 1989]
I bring not peace [Texts, 1989]
I cannot tell how humbly in my arms [Cold war, 1946]
I commit my will to stand in pentagram [A conjuring, 1950?]
I did not wish to come the way I came [Vilanelle, 1946]
I met him at his Festschrift [Festschrift, 1985]
I name what needful in our season grew [To Mary Stanley]
I walk from you to winter among people [If I may take my leave, 1946]
I wandered above your town [Albert Park, 1956]
I was complained about, faulty communications [Telephoning, 1985]
I went between the worm and the ruins [Poem: of the ruins, 1945]
I write something referring to the dead [In memoriam, 1986]
‘If I was of an age for this war that’s coming [Called to the colours, 1983?]
If at Mills College sweetly a rain shifted [Levertov’s hypocrite women, 1970s]
If I stepped outside there would be no light to surprise [If I stepped outside, in May ‘93, 1993]
If men in winter perish without art [Autumn elms, 1957]
If she were a knife’s trick in my side [Stanza: about metaphor, 1946]
If you are Grandfather you buy a section [How to make, 1983]
If you will, think: he was standing [Snapshots from the pigbreeders’ gazette, 1958]
If your legs tired, tramping [Horse in chalk, 1971]
illusion or reality: At seventeen [Conflicts, comrade, and reconcilings, 1989]
Imagine, staying with the Furstenbergs [In the Black Forest, 1908, 1992]
In all this tearing down and building up [Piece needing a Title something like A Moveable Feast, 1981/2]
in an age of lead [Four shots from one campaign: Saturn ascendant, 1986]
In another hemisphere G. cracks a memory [From a war to a war, 1945]
In company with Cutty Sark at sea [Cutty Sark, 1983]
in deed yes k. s. [Yes (C.) K. S. : An August Tributary, 1986]
In hardpacked snowshine [Selby, 1969]
In kingly state (how bearing?) should I steer [In kingly state (how bearing?), 1949]
in my young days [Auto/biographies, 1986]
In that dream Mozart is [Dreams, responsibilities, 1977]
In that lost year in oh so tropic night [Nadi, 1981/2]
In the bog beside their coalshed [Provincial, 1969]
In the Majestic now long gone [Meeting Feodor first, 1985]
In the market square at nine o’clock [Horn, 1984]
In the UK he flew Hudsons? [Pilot 1943,1984]
In the worst days of July [In July, 1946]
In those days at the tourist bureau they didn’t [How to get to Dollarton in 1969 and Untie Useful Knots, 1981/2]
In those days City Fathers were mainly [Everything that lives is holy, 1981/2]
In Wellington he chummed up with a son and heir [Nightingales, 1983]
Indians ... they weren’t Indians [Indians, 1983]
Indifferent planets watch, they flare [Song of indifferent planets, 1948]
Indigo, chartreuse, tangerine, lollipop [Resort, 1971]
Industrialist, efficient from the south [Projections, transparencies, 1945]
Innate decorum, fitness of whatever [Dwarf with a billiard cue, 1971]
Intelligence tests? Those are what intelligent chaps [Candidates should attempt to answer all the questions, 1986]
Interval of an irresolute day [The village, retrospective view, 1956]
Intervals of drizzling rain between [Hill 63, 1983]
Invest this proper canvas with some people [A sort of citizens designed for oils, 1948]
Island cowries on their sitting room sill [Whale song when a boy, 1993]
It does not do to be frail [Aunt Agnes, 1983]
It is not hard to be ware [Problems and temptations of a practised art, 1956]
It is permitted to stop a man’s breath [How to dispose of Ajax, 1958]
It is quite reasonable. You suppose [Semantics, 1966]
It was the hat? Mostly it was the hat [Thursday afternoons at college, 1989]
It would have been [Plus ca change ce n’est pas la meme chose, 1981/2]

Janis is dead who went so blindly [Janis, 1965]
Japanese [May Day, 1988]
Jed, when I was your age [Speaking to the youngest, 1958]
Jelly beans come like Jacob’s coat of many [Propositions about jelly beans, 1986]
Jesu, jesu, the mad days that I have spent! and to [Armistice, 1943]
Jesus came to us, surprising across the water [Witnessing, 1984?]
Jesus, I dream of [Mackaness, waking, 1944?]
Jo’s father got to know the Toshi through [Incentives, drives, 1984]
John was of an order. Their habit’s white [John 17. 9-10, 1985]
Josie was Jack’s eldest daughter. She wore boots [A Penny for Any Old Guy, 1982]
Judge the arbiter, rhetor, but what end [Responsibilities of the critic, 1953]

Keen gray nordic winds hassling [69 colours of prejudice, 1969/1993]
kii-wi pee-oo oo ah ah oo [Found poem: Bird song to page one hundred, 1987]
Knife-edged line of colour, pale [Trout Quintet, 1986]
Knowing they slip, bramble and prize rose [Knowing they slip, 1946]
Konstantin, hero yet not wholly gauche [Tryeplev, 1945]

labels tied to wrists [Recovering, 1984]
Lady herds of darkness plod [Sabbat at Sinclairs’]
Lady, when the first swan professed [Lady as Swan, 1943]
Lambent, striated tissue [A line of song, Pateley Moor, 1969]
Land without presence. We stand [In our manner of speaking, 1967]
Larry and Caroline were childless, their late [Gatsby’s suite for unaccompanied cello, 1984]
Last the Dakotas clawing a wet sky [Repatriation, 1944]
Last, worst, temptation—only [Upstairs, 1969]
"Lead me from the veronicas of their eyes [Wounded clown, 1948]
Lele, lullay. Allay, my dearest rogue [The dean’s night song, 1954]
Leonard was in that year twelve, coming up [Abreast of the times: a documentary, 1985]
Let them alone where they have chosen [Welsh poppy, 1969]
Let, meanly fond, our love return [Proposition, 1948]
Life, my sister, does not freely issue [Pasternak: theme with variations, 1983]
light sickens without any crow making [Turning aside in two at least parts of a Bay of Plenty, 1990]
Light under pressure instead of grace [Rays, 1985]
Like a planter, sinking Scotch and water [In the tropics, 1971]
Like flies about their ceiling aircraft haul [Seven Days Leave, 1944]
Like our forefathers, did you ever [Confession of a New Zealand opium eater, 1985]
Like rows or heaps of flowers bursting into clapping [Equestrienne, 1985]
Like sentences coordinate [For Harriet and Scott marrying, 1985]
liked watercolouring, given [Pelham, 1983]
Lilia, in a vermilion cloak [Lilia in a red cloak, 1981/2]
Limping in Lord Byron’s Walk, the romantic [A lore of storms, 1969]
Lines of dispute are emphatically drawn [In the sticks, 1989]
Lion's art, planet’s force I resist [Dark Lady, 1947]
Little in fact remains [Faded view of the founder, 1950]
Live, or die: the flashy, false [Live, or die, 1971]
Lived by the strangers they may not admit [Lived by the strangers, 1947]
Livia, profess not more than this [To Livia, 1953]
Locals assured visitors, it wasn’t the way [How to get Things into focus after Wordsworth, 1981/2]
Long ways back, like Once upon a Time [Concourse, 1981/2]
Look into your scrying bowl [A divination, 1956]
Looks as though [Looks as though..., 1983?]
Loose knot of song, colombine fugue [‘Loose knot of song...’, 1948]
Lying at my side she proves [Conturbat me, 1946]

Made one trip to the Banks [Boston, 1983?]
Magnify! with tips of their fingers [Magnifing a pastorale, 1970s]
Maiden, wife, or crone [York Minster, 1969]
Mainly because she did not recognise them [Surveillance, or the homely agony of Judith Vercoe, 1989]
Making harps of bared trees breeze whets [Being estranged, 1948?]
Man is a legal fiction, but enduring [Legal fiction, 1967]
Man is god. Man is machine [Pluvian, 1967]
Man never is; yet here are men [Building programme, 1966]
Manda and Jodi were in their room [Summer’s lease, 1986]
Maps will repeat their variable names [A tax of islands, 1951]
Marx was uptight about opiates and religions [Visiting Pasternak, 1984]
Mary McCarthy wanted to invent a college [Celebrating Lititz, 1988]
Masefield mentions ‘sweep Cupica, tall Bard [Bard, 1983]
Masterpiece, a mirror dawdling [Backwaters, 1971]
Matthew—Mark, Luke, and John?— [Matthew Scott Allen, from a white cat, 1994]
May she be found by [Be found by every daystep, 1951]
Meanwhile raffety Death with a thighbone [Similarities, 1949]
Meeter and greeter, advancing without question [On the frontier, 1943, 1988]
Melancholy, Russian novelists’ rain [The visiting professor’s reception, 1971]
Melantheus did not mark the swallow flying [Home from the foreign wars, 1956]
Memorials, rotten teeth in the sky’s [Port, 1948]
Memory, magnesium flare, you single [Circus at the barber’s shop, 1971]
Memory, memory! do not speak to me [Point of view, 1969]
Men against sky: Personnel came down from the field [Midday and after, 1984]
Mercantile day downtown [Overnighting, 1983]
merely two strips of what was once [Testimonial, 1983?]
Merry to meet again, this my friend [Spring meeting, 1950]
Metro they like to call it [Freeways, 1981/2]
Mice now, we have some time heard [Carol, 1994]
Miegies at two in a bicentennial year [Ad marginem, 1988]
Mile after mile paddocks burned to mace [Pressing north, 1988]
Miles above them [In transit, 1981/2]
‘Miracle, bird, or golden handiwork’-- [For Molly Macalister, 1953]
Miss Carpenter stepped out on duty with her friend [News flash, 1986]
Miss Sara Milhall cast her eyes about [Legend of Sara’s Gully, 1983]
Mist through the Delta, at Tsawwassen terminal [October ferry to Swartz Bay, 1981/2]
Money went out as well [1912: Money went out as well, 1983?]
Monstrously neutral, Sir, who may face up [Invocation, 1945]
Months detonate. Chronology [War diary, 1945]
Moodily, get to breeding. We must people [On a theme of Thomas Mann, 1948]
Mooncalf or moonstruck—there were such dangers [Stargazing, 1956]
Moonlight divides among branches which still [Moonshine from an upstairs window, 1988]
More likely hear than see this cuckoo [Shining cuckoo, 1984]
More than either shadowy room inside, a terrace [Blind date at the glow worm caves, 1988]
Mornings and places no doubt for them [Mornings and places, 1948]
Most timorously small [End of day, 1957]
Mother (it was said) could always cook [Cabaret, 1983]
Mother said, "The first time [The first time and at last, 1983?]
Mother when younger nursed for [1900, 1987]
Motivated, the box at the crematorium [Motivated, 1995]
Motives dried up and blew away [paradise gaining, 1989]
Mourning in summer with a grief in my grip [Two backward looks for Mister C., 1953]
Mr Segedin’s sons have a strong sense of family [Mr Segedin’s sons, 1984?]
Much is made of them as special cases [Kotuku, 1985]
Mussels, on reefs. Driftwood, across boulders [A bit of Nostalgia for Mac, 1987]
My brother had a grief to share [Under the Green willow, 1953]
My dear Coelia, deputy for convention [Another apology to Coelia, 1953]
My father in Customs Street checked [My father in Customs Street, 1971]
My father was a young man [Marin’s story, 1984?]
My god like grief lashed hale to a whipping post [Elegy against a latter day: A.L.S. 1879-1945, 1951]
My grandfather on my mother’s side [Extending family, 1994]
My life carries on in shadow of terror [Ambush, 1988]
My mneme pacing restless in one room [Mneme, 1947]
My mother did not offer to explain [Turn of a screw twice, 1989]
My Old Man on relief work helped build [My Old Man..., 1983]
My Old Man said Follow the van don’t [My old man said follow the band don't..., 1983?]
My tale ignus fatuus [Open City, 1953]
My wish goes, gentlemen, to vest and fable [Ballad of the laggard mouse, 1949]
My woman weeping under a bush of stars [Simple Ode, 1946]

Nacreous, inciting you to touch [Reminiscence, 1958]
Naked ladies creamed off white or lamp shell pink [Belladonna and others, 1987]
Natural to young countries [Hill country image, 1947]
Neighbourly we live out twined chronologies [Wry-billed plover, 1949]
Neuve Eglise was a rear area [Neuve Eglise, 1984]
Never to have lived in California [Having on Black Friday, 1988]
Newfoundland ladies were making quilts [About Queen’s Park, 1981/2]
Niagara escarpment [Late Afternoon, Hamilton, Ontario, 1981/2]
Nine days gone, darling, telling [Nine days, 1944]
No breeze to move curtains at long windows [Poem against imperialism, 1988]
No church looms large as this, predicated [Terminus, 1952]
no doubt about this. Here’s style [Trio: Faith’s, 1986]
No gallant blade I swing [Tom Bedlam’s Salute, 1943]
No it does not end here if the way ends at all [Reflections on siting Utopia, 1952]
No one’s ever heard of it, I can’t have [Silent movies: Norsemen, 1985]
No wider than a room makes far one greeting [No wider than a room, 1948]
Nobody easily forgets Wairua’s claggy soil [Four flights of fancy: (2) The spirit of St Louis, 1989]
Nobody sleeps. Although a barman [Transit lounge, Singapore, 1969]
Nobody told me. It could be like that [Meeting Feodor second, 1985]
Noon falling from needles. Below [Headstone Bay, 1948]
North bound a night train hauls from some [Whatever became, 1983]
North from [Alice: About Rose, 1981/2]
Not a soul in sight in the foreground [A view of Farm Cove, Sydney, 1874, 1993]
Not as if you are invited [At the end of another road, 1988]
Not beyond hearing, radios yammering [Not beyond hearing, 1965]
Not for us svelte passion riding [Double sonnet, 1945]
Not hard to imagine Archimedes on the beach [On that beach, 1995]
Not Solomon in his glory among lilies [Lodge, 1984?]
Not to credit. environs/adjuncts L [Report, interim, 1981/2]
Not too far north from where I write hoist dawn [Hint for the incomplete angler, 1955]
Not what separates or hauls home [Fair weather song, 1949]
nothing obviously harmful portended [Five frog pieces: Without misgiving, 1970's]
Nothing propounded. To some are delivered [Nothing propounded, 1969]
Nothing to do with flesh, its quality [Edzell Castle, 1970]
Nouns without shadows [Nouns without shadows, 1966]
Now on the shining [Icarus, 1947]
now, if only now, my darling [Now, if only now, 1953]

O not in sorrow shall ye walk [Harry Holland, 1983]
Oblomov, in one of his moods, doubting [Bridge and concertina, 1989]
Observe, how another comma is put to work [Editing text, 1970s]
Of darkness, several modes [Monodies for, 1965-76]
of your charity, think well of [Bay, 1945]
"Off by ourselves, who spoke of right or wrong?" [Resuming, 1970s]
Off to seek our fortunes in the City [To Point Chevalier or Even Further, 1983]
Often back from the Workingmen’s Club [Getting Bearings, 1983]
‘Oh! que ces nuits en temps de peste [1832, 1954]
Old age ran them out of gas [Cadavers, 1971]
Ole was short, round, whiskery [Ole, 1983?]
On days that were at best only [Fin de la belle epoque: Misia’s view, 1983]
On my small shore the tide of you is flaking [Footnote to a common folly, 1945]
On one of our moves we rented a bedsit [Adaptable, 1983?]
On such a day, in such a place, subscribe [Passing time, 1969]
On Sunday afternoon from a ridge road [Near Maharangi, 1967]
on that plane [Travelling, 1981/2]
On this coast , on this coast only , [Only, 1988]
once after a very long day I drove [Mitimiti and Gaia, 1989]
Once in (say) five years I see [Blue reef heron, 1985]
Once there was a cheque particularly [Cheque to your king’s children, 1983]
Once upon a time here and here and here [Four flights of fancy: (3), Entrepreneurs, 1989]
Once upon a time, that was the way [Of Rapunzel and others, 1970s]
Once was a lady wept by a willow, for sure [Marriage songs, 1956]
Once, Emily owned a vulture [Miss Emily (3), 1981/2]
One has not to say about them anything [City Hall, 1981/2]
one leg twice broken, sundry other [Trophies, 1984?]
One more look wouldn’t have done anyone [The wisdom of Marcus Aurelius, 1989]
One name, more than one face [Kissing Tom, 1984?]
One outlives her sympathies, and one [The Sisters, 1944]
One side of the tank, a glass wall [The seal in the dolphin pool, 1970]
One Sunday night at Point [Jewel Song, 1983]
One year they rented near the zoo [A fable of critics, 1969]
Only his reveries are brave [Exile, old style, 1953]
Only passing through, we weren’t committed [Anzac day, 1985]
Open as experience, this day, this [Tomarata, 1970]
Open, without shade or inference [A showing forth by day of the Nankeen kestrel, 1970]
Our beautiful inheritance [Our beautiful inheritance, 1946]
Our parents had more style than I [Saturday July Second, 1966]
Our plums have done with flowering [In the antipodes, 1956]
ours must be [Father wrote to Lyttelton, 1983]
Out from Dreketi river mouth before daybreak [Idyll, 1983]
out of air gone wrong, out of season [Out of air, of season, 1987]
Outcry of paper tigers would [Pigeons without grass, alas, 1970]
Outfall, and downfall for more than [Harbours, 1977]
Outlandish element which the state [Above Telegraph Hill, 1972]
Outpacing laggard midnight, its alarms [Of separation, 1949]
Over two hundred years’ noise of foolish voices [For the Mozart bicentenary, 1956]
Overcome by nostalgia for one [Venice preserved, 1957]

Pacific easterlies savage [East Coast, 1971]
paper in front of me lies white [Exchanging cards, 1972]
Pardon me this and any lively haunting [Apologia, 1946]
Park at the byre [Brandsbutt Stone, Inverurie, 1969]
Parting is not dear sorrow, nor has been [Kawhia holiday, 1956]
Paul was not (as some thought) homosexual [Appassionata, 1984]
Peace, descending Quebec Road cold [Descending Quebec Road, 1958]
People kept saying " You must try to get [A Postcard to Perdita, 1981/2]
Perpetual day of advent... [Day of advent, 1953]
Personal furies they ride, wave on wave [Film show in the paddock, 1945]
Personal history we shaped up into myth [Résumé, 1948]
Perverse Headingley traffic scours [Friday, 1969]
Pickwick, was it, or Shakespeare [Portrait of the artist as a bachelor, 1971]
Pivot or fulcrum of all (it seemed then) [Skipton, farewell, 1969]
plate in a picture book where jigs [Jig, 1953]
Please ? I am asking, Will you [Please, 1969]
Plover assuming the chill air [Plover, 1946]
Point of reference, datum [Sumatara, 1969]
Poised, accident they lived and they lived on. (Sonnets for migrants 2, 1944]
Police were not all hostile; they’d wanted/ [Doing time, 1983]
Poor futile...Orpington, she would not lay [Poor futile...Orpington, 1989]
Poul is a foreigner in this foreign city [Poul and people and picture, 1981/2]
Powerless, improvident, still unable [The green world, 1946]
Preparing for his tremendous journey [Sir Bors, to the back country, 1956]
Prices, exclaimed the Atlanta, Ga. housewife [Passing through the, 1988]
Prodigal landscape scouted its three great [National park, 1944?]
Promises, promises. You must allow dreams [Dreams, where is no winter, 1988]
Proper, then, the ritual of their flight [Ritualists, 1950]
Property of Earth they are [Climbing in the Himalaya, 1958]
provoked from uneasy rest [Four shots from one campaign: Taurus, 1986]
Puff balls all blue into the nether plight [A view of Imanuel’s Land, 1957]
Pump the old harmonium in a back room[A scene & a birth, 1943]
Puritan principle dies hard [Beachplace, 1989]
Put you man down somewhere [After, 1943]

Queen Anne? but she is dead. Not that Queen Anne [Queen Anne is said to be dead, at Donottar, 1989-90]
Queen Street, horror [Flying to Palmerston, 1966]
Quicken, be quick where algae lodge [Movement, 1946?]
Quidditas of you and me [Quidditas, 1993]
quiescent, depending [Four shots from one campaign: Mars, 1986]

Rainbow fungus made a meal, of [Reciprocals, 1985]
Rank stern waves groaning Time! beat down [Gnomic poem, 1946]
Read all about it, news which never [Ghost town, 1970s]
Reading Mandelstam in a coffee shop [395, 1985]
Reasonable, strange [Mephisto’s serenade, 1943]
Reckon me land: bare dwarfed trees, an earth [Hermione recovered, 1947]
Red lights stand themselves tall [Masts at Te Atatu, 1945]
Redbrown fragment, that was scarcely wood [Opening the heirloom, 1954]
Redhaired General Sarsfield was breathtaking [General Sarsfield, 1988]
Reduce [Untitled: Reduce, 1973]
Reflect [Felton Matthew’s journal., 1957]
Reflect how lightly grief shakes from your loins [Little oration for being a little dead, 1956]
Regardless of the motel’s gesture to air [Conference, 1985]
"Remember Friday, day of abstinence." [Remember Friday, 1984?]
Remember leaving. Godwit, and moonlight [Overseas posting, 1948]
remembering thinking I remembered?) [Reading Quasimodo, 1985]
Reminded how shags recur [Strelitzia, 1957]
Reputedly last of his kind [The last Moriori, 1978]
Resolute in pursuing, he is no more [Dog, 1957]
Resumed between a sorrow and a shadow [Resumed..., 1946]
Return, resume, be occupied by claims [Returning, 1970s]
Returning day, and day without return [Emblems, a casual shire, 1949]
Rhodes died an inarticulate man [Requiem, 1983]
Rigging cracks, racketing out an oath [Voyage to Laputa, 1951]
Right wing governments were afraid of him [Silent movies: L’Idee, 1985]
Ritual among the old stones fascinated [Paul Nash: an elegy, 1948]
Rooks bitching by the Ure [Masham, 1969]
Rubrics of childhood's country. Pheasants [Te Kopuru, 1946]
Ruin completes, fulfils, its design [Kirkstall Abbey, 1969]
Ruinous Jacob met about the road [What angel wrestling, 1948]


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