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Kendrick Smithyman: Collected Poems [D] 
Index of first lines: poems 1943-1995

This list includes the poems in folders 1943-50, 1951-55, 1955-59, 1965-69, 1970-79, 1980-84, 1985-87, 1988-89, 1990-95, plus the poems in the separate typescript collections Journal 69, Festives People Places Pictures Book, and Imperial Vistas Family Fictions.. In the case of long poems in multiple parts (e.g. Fitzgerald’s Death, Reading the Maps an academic exercise) only one entry is included except where the component parts are given separate titles in the same typeface (roman caps) as the full title, e.g. Considerations, Elders, Five Frog Pieces etc. There are 1173 titles in this list.

Compiled by Peter Simpson 5/3/97


1846 or ’7, Colonial dream of Wilderness [Gesture of Homage to Paul Kane, 1981/2]
2 Auckland and 2 Otago led the way over [2 Auckland and 2 Otago..., 1983]
A begging sonnet smoulders on a hand [Portrait of artist as incendiarist, 1948]
A Cambridge phonologist, Fudge [Language arts, 1970s]
A change in Cabinet, the Ministry landed [Ministering: an ancient history, 1984]
A cigar-store Indian—do I kid myself [Cigar-store Indian, 1927, 1989]
A commonsensical hardfavoured businesswoman [Living in sin, 1984]
A cowherd with two beasts [Exequy: of the enduring city, 1952]
A dear good day, dear heart, may this day be [The declaration, 1957]
A dove clings to a rickety frame [Hurricane weather, 1947?]
"A dream, perhaps, I bend [Air for two voices, 1944]
A family ruled Tuscany, they were supposed [Four brothers and their niece and Balkan states, 1984]
A festschrift piece? Professionals will have [ A sub urban garland for K Sinclair Kt, 1986]
A fog at morning breaks into [Awakening of San Francisco, for conversion, 1970]
A Frog Prince hangs out at the top of thighs [Five frog pieces: Come all ye for one happening, 1970s]
A hand span from [Tokaanu, 1987]
‘A highly successful species’— [Black-faced cuckoo-shrike, 1983?]
A house in the provinces, a town, perhaps a city [At the far end of the garden, 1993]
a legend, mock up, not yet myth [Pink house, 1988]
A light, slight rain, a different slant [Whakatane, 1986]
A likeness? [Roger Oppenheim a memorial photograph, 1987]
A locomotive eye burns at dusk [Ontario Pictures, 1981/2]
a long way after, with Mike Joseph [Meeting Feodor three, 1985]
A mirror stares behind his eyes [Concerning Alice, 1947]
A moon fraught in the elbow of a cloud [A sonnet in a return, 1946]
A new, but somehow a known, light displaced [Not altogether a fiction, 1947]
A night on the town around the Halls [Grandfather, life and death, 1983]
A north sea memoir minuted to [In Rutland, 1989]
A play of flutes his fairytale led on [A play of flutes, 1948]
A poem quietly goes aside to weep [A note on the social arts, 1951]
A private medical certificate could get you [Off to the Trenches, 1984]
A promised land, land of friendly roads [A promised land..., 1983]
A quarrel of realities [North Riding town, 1969]
A revel master to a potent duke [Lantern in the moon, 1954]
A rock duo sets up in the courtyard [Supposes, 1985]
A Scot in Dublin never could belong [Fitzgerald’s death, 1951]
A season of tough souwesters [Fortune Hunting, 1983]
A silence which if uttered would discourage [Not as strangers do with hat in hand, 1992]
A single fisherman pulls home [Night in August, 1948]
A slick sea and its vermined rag-a-bones [Who gathered samphire, 1957]
A sometime bloody ground where being ails [Of sorts, 1979]
A team of eight sphinxes stares [Islington, 1971]
A thing remembered from some forgotten war [A thing remembered , 1959]
A time of day when all bean flowers [A time of day when all bean flowers, 1986]
A winter darling, she may best my boast [A winter darling, 1946]
A woman tramped across a water meadow [Killinghall swans, 1969]
A worthless island opposes [Prospect from Kingston, 1945]
A yellow breasted bird [Kingfisher song, 1944]
A young lady at Rerewhakaitu [Untitled: A young lady..., 1970s]
Aboriginal blood declining [Fifth month, 1950]
Above Albany, along the hill road [Loitering with intent, 1965]
Across tarmac the colonies first road leaves [Beginnings, 1988]
Across the road the River, maintained on [Travelling, 1966]
Across your deadwater [The Bay, 1942, 1943]
Adam and Eve, without serpent [Idyll, 1971]
Adam walk in your garden [Old wives’ tales, 1957]
adored in San Francisco [Anne, as Ann, 1988]
Adventure’s pretty ships went sailing [Words for Bill Pearson, 1986]
Advice given me by my father [Father’s Opium War, 1984?]
Aerial boy who dives clouds between [At the grammar school memorial, 1948]
After battle on some rough grazing [After battle, 1958]
After lovemaking, starkly unbound [Alarm without excursion, 1958]
After the amnesty it happened [Meeting at Matata, 1988]
After the fire [Malcolm Lowry Walking Beside, 1981/2]
After the Strike [Illicit Cargo, 1992]
After Vereeninging, anticlimax [After Vereeniging, 1983]
After, Mr Nakamura succeeded in his business [Mister Nakamura, 1984]
Again I climb those stairs to search a room [Reconstruction, 1951]
Agents advised not to count [Bussing, 1981/2]
Air of underwater, which a child peers up [Kingfisher peach, 1950s]
Air which does not know about corrupting [Te Porere, 1988]
Alas or also [Good beasts to compose, 1949]
Alisdair’s father is a technocrat, administrative [Alisdair, 1985]
All day that metronome, thrice-gallant heart [Dirge for two clavichords and bowler hat, 1950]
All day, brilliantly chill day [Perhaps parable perhaps politics, 1983]
All grid co-ordinates on this sheet are in terms of [Reading the Maps an academic exercise, 1977]
All Hallows Eve, people going home [A Letter to James Ensor from the CPR, 1981/2]
All our conducts like our sad lovers [Solstice, 1946]
All the others laugh nastily [Still life, 1972]
Allegory of her make me, whose mood [Allegory Sonnet, 1948]
Allomycsterus jaculiferus [Porcupine fish, 1958]
Almost as though it was disposed to speak [Telephone fault, 1957]
Almost persuaded, Grandfather [An engraving on steel, 1969]
Almost the last he said was "promise me [Death in Venice: Diaghilev, 1983]
Along profitable waterways [Swimming, early evening, 1950]
Along this highway [14, 1981/2]
Always the stranger hides at that curve [Always the stranger, 1946]
Amherst, Valentine Week of 1850 [Lines for Mrs Jarvis Thurston, 1981/2]
An act of intelligence is [Conflict of law, 1953]
An affaire with George. Irreverent [A partial biography, a roar of silence, 1969]
An aged woman, an aged man, they may be [Calling the roll, 1983]
An Anglican curate, J. Uppingham [Untitled, An Anglican curate..., 1970s]
An answering shadow, questioning gloom [Something childish, 1954]
An evening paper wanted to tell me [Reading the daily, 1975]
An idiot may swear truth [Full Moon, 1958]
An isle of pines, foreigners who plant [Isle of Pines, 1950]
and out of the Club [From the club, 1983]
Angel or shadow, background a cloud's angle [A work of El Greco, 1946]
Another church, of another kind. [Haworth Church, 1969]
Ante meridiem, a quarter to eleven [A quarter to eleven, 1966]
Any day, could be a vessel entering [After Hakluyt, 1953]
Any nerve tells us, foxes should bark [Near Ellon, 1970]
Any village like this should have a whore [Crossroads, 1981/2]
Anyone who read Wide World could tell [Graveyard of the elephant, 1985]
Applause far off as belief in far out [Three turns on fortune’s wheel, 1989]
Approaching the city is always approaching [Forthcoming, 1983]
"Arabs, you know, they call it Kismet." [Kismet, 1983]
Architecture is function [Rome terminal, 1969]
Arid shadow, eaten by the sun [Country town, 1951]
around Tarata’s several [Pivoting, 1984]
Arse-upward Man thumps bitching into light [Arse-upward man..., 1957]
As they grew older his books grew more cranky [Tutorials, 1985]
As though a certain thing being said [Shibboleth, 1977]
Assemble tokens intimate of him [Portrait of the observer, 1948]
Asymmetrically folded rock ridges, cloud [Over Lethbridge, 1981/2]
At creek mouth under [Original sin a suburban prospect, 1956]
At forty-four, remember Stevens—it was [Growing up, 1967]
At sixteen he lies agonized by night [Sixteen, 1956]
At sixteen she had a crow for pet [Miss Emily (1), 1981/2]
At Temple Newsam the chinoiserie [Version of Pastoral, 1969]
At that point in space, at that [At that point, 1981/2]
At the Armeria in Madrid [Goldleaf, goatskin, armour, 1958]
At the end of our war I found [Cotton, 1983]
At the far end of the little square [Kermesse, 1954]
At the Health Shop: on the window [Signs of times, 1981/2]
At the Leeds Court of Justice [Court of Justice, 1969]
at the pony club, they could have told [Centaurs, nymphs, 1986]
At your one sounding shell [At your one sounding shell, 1951]
At your right hand on this right side of hell [At your right hand, 1954]
Athena’s least sister, or, of her kin [The morepork, 1958]
Attend to me, attend to what [Not to say much, not much to say, 1956]
Aubreitia, gillyflowers, cranny things— [Field notes, 1971]
August I blame. Bitchy its rains went blowing [Prothalamial, 1946]
August struck out compelling [August struck out... 1944]
Autumn, half-six, halfdark, a dropped [Losing a dimension, 1970]
Aware perhaps one’s rapt progenitor [Tradition, the individual talent, 1954]
Away and below from the Atlantic [Cloudscape, 1969]

Babel falls down. The tribes are lost again [New settlers, 1951]
Baboons came around like they are now, squatting [Animal studies, 1983]
Back from Islands Group, posted [Discharging, 1985]
Back from the regatta at Pahi [Wild goats, 1983]
Balding sentimentalists [Congress, 1959]
Bamboo furniture in the big lounge for drinking [Beside the harbour, 1981/2]
Barely contestable talent [Some places have, 1983]
Baron Karl von Schonstein wrote it down, years after [Background music, 1970s]
Bartok’s Divertimento [Playing, 1977]
Beacon not supposing any reply [Out of sight, 1971]
Beauty of those whose purpose [Arabesque at the riding school, 1988]
Before our time was snow [At the Islands, Toronto, 1972]
‘Behind the mind of a good cliche’ you know [The Smither variations a salute a farewell, 1984]
being far from brand-new as [He, 1981/2]
Belly up, flaccid. Sickness limps [White carp: Japanese peace garden, U.B.C., 1971]
Beloved and mine, whose singing [Four stanzas, 1948]
Bergamo Alta, the cock crowing [Donizetti, the last act, 1993]
Beside that wormcold manhauling sea [Beside that wormcold..., 1951]
Between policies of one dry night [Road, 1958]
Beyond Magdalen, further [Of valuing, Fabius, mousse and zest, 1993]
bird skull among pebbles [Below Kariori, 1989]
Bizarre upheaval, plug of a volcano [Empathies, 1988]
Blab, if you will, my virtue [Submission, 1951]
Black reef off shore a balance arm [Kingston, 1948]
Black swans cramp midharbour shellspit raft [Elegies legends, 1989]
Blackberry moonlight [Blackberry moonlight for Don, 1987]
Blake said All Religions are One [The leg of mutton nude, 1993]
Blaze a sun from your burial eye [Grafton Gully, 1948]
Blessed may be the meek knowing they shall [Imperial vistas, 1983]
Blithe boy my long Gabriel hung [Annunciation waltz, 1956]
Blue herons here have no white phase [Little egret, 1985]
Bob Muttoncap and Mrs Walker [Seawrack, 1953]
Born, yes, but born again; to bear; yet not go dead [Doll Tearsheet’s farewell, 1947]
Boyle calcines tin and lead [Responsibility, 1951]
Branches, excited by storm [Going, 1971]
Briefly the invader who is under penalty [Occupied country, 1950s?]
Bring laurel here or bay [Song with an attitude, 1943]
Bronco Nagurski, Chief Little Wolf [Biography, 1971]
Brooding on northern Caesars and their walls [Retrospect, 1946?]
Brother/cousin, kin any way [Fleece, 1970s]
Brought up on stories of, dusty [Strike, 1983]
Browbeaten wind-smitten flatlands [Wairarapa, 1983]
Brown weed idles between rocks [Tune for the recorder, 1950]
Bullshit you can pick up anywhere [Suitable intervals, 1986]
Burgess saw them when his long working day was slowing [Remarkable flight of twenty phoenix birds, 1955]
Bushmen carried him in, he had enteric [Recovering, 1983]
Butcher, baker, storekeeper maybe [North and west, 1971]
By hopeful tokens we live [Garrison (2), 1948]
By night not stopping sounds of water [Now darkness swims its stream, 1953]
by night. Who knows by night let alone [Four flights of fancy: (4)To talk of something which passed unaccounted outside Wairua, 1989]
By the end of September 1912 the best [1912: By the end of September 1912..., 1983?]

Cabbage tree heads, they nod [An ordinary day beyond Kaitaia, 1970]
Called upon once, they answered [English effigies, 1969-71]
Capitalists and victims of, say, [1912, 1983?]
Captain Ross at the Customs Street doorway [Waverley, 1983?]
Captain Ross met Father [Not being born on Malaita, 1983]
Careering on a downslope from the bail [Blackleg, 1959]
Centuries, summers lapsed to powder [Issue, 1971]
Chaliapin coming to New York saw [Salut au monde, 1981/2]
Channel zephyrs put trim fields to flight [Fragment from a dynastic comedy, 1954]
Charcoal, ash, at hand your winter derives [To set the scene, 1957]
Charnel of dragonflies mantis green [Sycamores, 1969]
Chatham House, a prep school: distinguished [Educating father, 1983]
Cheerless academics may [A song from Ceres at a tempest, a wedding song, 1957]
childlike and tarry black [Hand of fortune, 1984?]
Children, for Charley cry [Obituary, 1950s]
Chinese [Inscrutable Chinese, 1983]
Christ does not walk there. Marlin leap [Of death by water, 1951]
"Christ is not crossed," our tricky father said [Jeremy Webb arraigns the state of man, 1951]
Christian Morgenstern told a story [Peter Dane retiring, 1986]
clarity, of one voice monotoning but [At Loon Lake or not far from it, 1981/2]
Cleanshaven (but a small moustache) face [Uncle Basil, 1983?]
Close to one hundred years ago [Viking, 1983]
Cloud breaks directly over the Desert [In transit, 1966]
Clown who’s bawdy evangel count also [A good warm cave, Plato for your neighbour, 1956]
Cockcrow’s chalky virtue, a swan [Serviceman’s complaint, 1945]
Coinciding: three or four all but barren [Field theory above Ahipara, 1988]
Colonists uttered to [Gannet, 1958]
‘Come away,’ she said [Song after supper, 1945]
Comedy of the world [Skateboarding with Lewis Carroll, 1977]
coming down [Four shots from one campaign: Sagittarius, 1986]
Community, profitless labouring [The bee tree, 1971]
Confident, ignorant, bronzed horsemen [Free enterprise, 1970]
Confront logos as pure act [Ripley, 1969]
Consider eleven thousand girls scoffed up [A birthday garland, 1953]
consider lilies of Aratapu which toil [Consider, Riemke, I urge you to, 1989]
Constantine sat in cafes wasting time [Trio: Talking at Constantine, 1986]
contractors position machines at their building site [Living the literary life at long distance, 1981/2]
Could be, could be these rains that we have called [From flood being upheld, 1957]
"...could never make out why she did it [Aunt Elsie, 1983]
Cousinhood, supple web, subtle net [Max, 1983]
Cracking a passion fruit at its equator [Passion fruit, 1971]
Crackpot exquisites joke at sanity [Perspectives of the dance, 1953]
Craigievar Castle, late in the winter [Phantom without opera, 1989]
Cranes position themselves mainly central city [Cranes, 1985]
Cranky insignis, twisting spilled [Foreign service, 1954]
Cultural mission touring the South Seas [Mission, 1984]

Damp air turns to lightest rain [Pieces, 1986]
Dancers of a lost America [Six Contredanses, 1967]
Danes, now, where they settled made it clear [Old identities, 1988, 1988]
Dark fictitious islands [After Ondra Lysohorsky, 1978]
Dark, as in an elderly cathedral [Turn of a screw once, 1989]
Darkest Africa, the White Man’s Grave [Palm wine, 1983?]
Day in day out stone-chipping [Pygmalion’s defence, 1959]
Day leaching from a northern country [Monody, 1969]
Day then my footstep found [Generation, 1951]
Daydreaming finger, scribe words for this one day. [Hungering summer, 1950]
Daylong a gale corrupted, threshed [High wind at Wheturangi, 1949]
Dear lively one. faith’s monument [Love song, 1951]
Dear, I have heard [For the primapara, 1951]
Dearest my wife who lies [Nor bear a miracle word, 1950]
Depression, winter of 1930 [Elders: Peehi/Best, 1983]
Detail such facts as liven study most [The hanging judge, 1947]
Did Bertrand Russell first adjust his hat? [Brief history of western philosophy: the bicycle, 1993]
Did once the screaming hawk mount [Lyric on a sour note, 1947]
Diesels give and take comfortable words [A Letter to Paul Peel from the CNR, 1981/2]
Dilly, come dilly! Sister, forbear to flirt [American primitives, 1951]
Dim Was, dumb Will Be, figure reference points [Cartography an inexact science, 1945]
Dinner at the High Table, coffee later [Cambridge at night, 1969]
Direct your glass towards the frigates [Appointment in Samara, 1944?]
Directed to silence I bed down fretful [‘Directed to silence...’, 1950]
Discretion, wincing, limps round Ninny’s tomb [Peter Quince, 1950?]
Do not forget their forbears [Partygoing in London (Ont), 1981/2]
Do not put on an [For the record, 1980]
Doctor Wellington Koo put on a peacock blue [Playing upon a Chinese flute, 1989]
Doggedly islands steer north. Thin shadow [Invasion is not expected yet, 1945]
Don’t worry about it, anyone should have [The day they freed the Indians, 1971]
Donal at fourteen lived in Te Puke [Donal at fourteen, 1985]
Dorelia, in the plight of noon [Lines for the gay deceiver, 1954]
Dougal sailed for Sanford’s year after year [Homing, 1983]
Downfall, of Anthropology [Demolition: building the university, 1972]
Downhill, what’s left of the Armed Constabulary patrol [Mountain stop, 1983]
downtown [An Artic Wind, 1981/2]
Dozing on sand we draft our fresh resolutions [Waiwera, 1949]
Drought-ridden alexandrian beat packed [Beggaring the term, 1970s]
dry white wine coldness in good [Suburb of Friday, July, 1983]
Dudley’s back gives him trouble, he fell [Lives, 1984]
Dumpy shortsighted young man, thick [Visitor, 1983]
Dust perhaps, or pollen. You have to live [Something in the air, 1985]
Dutifully the square bound pinnace serves [Third sermon to the text of the Auckland Van Dyck, 1951]

Each of us, Ralph, in his several [Ralph, 1981/2]
Earliest an unfriendly presence [Der doppelgänger, 1948]
Earths, squinting at their seaway, ask [Near the Customshouse, 1945]
Easter Sunday, we were taken by car [Easter Sunday, 1948]
Edward Baker McLean (they say) was sent [Ballad of Baker McLean, 1988]
Edward, met at the Workingmen’s Club [Veterans of the foreign wars, 1983]
Elderly dogs with elderly [Harrogate March, 1969]
Election Night, whatever happened downtown [Election Night, 1983]
Emblem of us, gulls climbed [Moonrise, 1944]
Emily tarried in woods near home [Miss Emily (4), 1981/2]
Entering sixty reputed acres [Brimham, 1969]
Epitomes of righteousness [Blackbacked gulls, 1958]
Error or urgent technology speeding [Freedoms 1945, 1988]
Eschew the middle bay. This thumbnail, notched [Paihia remembered, 1951]
Even now, after (you’d think) sufficient [White-faced heron, 1985]
Even the two o’clock session may be a snare [Problems and temptations of the world, 1956]
Evening calm, blown up in [Intersecting plains, 1971]
Evening, twilight, then the owl [Three owl pieces, 1969]
evening. By blue Ontario’s shore [Up Yonge Street (4), 1981/2]
Every manjack among them swung [Movements for coastal voices, 1971]
Every so often son rebelled against father [Telling Stories, 1984]
Everyone has a short story [Spring thunder, Leeds, 1969]
Everything something else [Valkyries, 1966]
Everything was going [How moaning and mourning became Doris Gibbs in 1933, 1989]
Exotic commonplace, which then had [In the Gatineau Hills, 1972]
Expert of Canadiana, he studied to keep [Temperature, lighting, humidity controlled, 1981/2]
Eyes happened on in mirrors spoke one story [Now look in your own eyes, 1947]

Fading, negative, counterpart of error [Care to see some family snapshots?, 1946]
False dawn among vineyards at the River’s head [Coming home, 1958]
Familiar girl, dear native habit now [Familiar girl, dear native habit, 1947]
Far is a harm which used to be called home [Two aubades (2), 1954]
Fashion of wilderness [Guitars of summer, 1969]
Father [Father..., 1983?]
Father first met him in South Africa [A regular at the Rising Sun, 1983]
Father hunting was outfoxed [How little did it need to end it all, 1983]
Father leaned and read. he didn’t know [Publishing, 1983?]
Father married Mum [1 September 1921, 1983?]
Father never grew tall [Rounding the Horn, 1983]
Father was the sort of fellow who could [Pearl, 1983]
Father, you and the four cycle motor were [Driving, 1983]
Feet blooded, by an afflicted earth [Community studies, 1970]
Fellow of jest! [Hitching, 1971]
Fervid buds were lit to burst as sun [Infantry story, 1953]
Few miles further we could be [Strandloopers, 1970]
Ffulk’s work completed [Re: Ffulk, 1959]
Figures of popular mythologies [Faring: to Forrest Scott on his retiring, 1984]
Fijians he respected while making [Society, 1983]
First like breast of a tall story [A happening down the coast, 1994]
First, Mama at her piano, then Scriabin [Pasternak: the making of a poet, 1983]
Fix hold, patiently live [Garrison (1), 1945]
Flags among pines... [Enrolment week, 1967]
Flat calm of a postcard village [In the shires, 1984]
Floatplanes lift off Coal Harbour [Airport, 1981/2]
Following Route 8 through Galt [Route 8 Through Galt, 1981/2]
for (may it only have been?) a shilling or one [Did you hear? did you hear, 1989]
For a while before the War Alec and Father [Alec 1, 1983]
For chaps of more mature years [Nothing ventured nothing gained, 1983?]
For her found at my side at Sweetwater [For her found at my side, 1946]
For the lover of quartets and the jazzman [For the lover..., 1945]
for young persons, tried between/ [Unsuitable positions, 1983]
Fortuitously, stormwinds tumbling cast [Signs, 1976]
Fragile trust, put to a pinion [Extinction, a lost word, 1948]
Friendship, call it that [The man who wrote short stories, 1971]
from aloft at Port Chalmers [or a cliff fall, 1983]
from Brockenhurst, for those [Excursion, 1984?]
From folly, flight, dismay [How to deal with winter, 1944?]
From his gruff generous tree [Island discourse, 1947]
From one solitude to another solitary [Frauenliebe und leben, 1978]
From somewhere away over, all [Three guesses, and the Boston Symphony Hall, 1993]

Galleries testify to anonymous music [First sermon on the Auckland Van Dyck, 1951]
Gaudaemus!..., [For a birthday of Professor K. Sinclair, 1970]
General Bindon Blood arrived late at the party [Turning tables, 1983]
Gerontion dares not dream any tomorrow [Gerontion, 1977]
Geste of truth, slithering from the Strict [Haworth parsonage, 1971]
get away then [Gulf, 1983]If they drank (as claimed) in [London, San Francisco, 1984]
Given these skies, you should go happier [Active Service, 1945]
Gliding in the lapse of their afternoons [A sad country, 1946]
Glory in goldenday sight [The bridewaking, 1956]
Go, from the city where men are saying ‘Heart is here [From the city where men are, 1971]
God’s plenty in small shells the beach afforded [Cave canem, 1957]
God’s well thrashed acre bare upon its crest [Vision by Mather’s farm, 1951]
.Goodbye saying [Goodbye saying, 1989]
Good resolutions make a daft society [Problems and temptations of commerce, 1956]
Goup, in Princes Street [Going up, 1966]
Grace Harwar, Passat, Pamir [Sail, 1984?]
Grafton Gully is concrete spillway [Work for Idle Hands, 1983?]
Grandfather bound for home (with there’d have [an arrow one shade more to right or left, 1983]
Grane, first played by [Brief history of western opera: the horse, 1993]
: granite seaways, granite [Covenanting, 1981/2]
Great Aunt Anne eighty years older [Great Aunt Anne, 1983]
(great) uncle whose name [Another, 1983]
Green spread, moronic colour of our loss [Burying the Pensioner, 1953]
Green wave, fugitive, flowing [Wave, 1953]
Gripping a bone over [Bone over my shoulder, 1950]
Ground water works out from a scheme [Site, 1988]
Grub before ethics, Auden’s version [Negro boy, Yorkshire, 1971]
Guard and convict vaguely rove [A version of Kingston, 1945]
Guided only by borrowed reflection [Perseus, 1949]
Guides ask for silence, and have [Waitomo, 1970s]
Gulls sprinted for harbour [Underwater pieces, 1971]\



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